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Avant Garde Awards – Nominations List 1 and 2

Came across the Avant Garde Bloggers Awards on Facebook, and landed there to see the variety of categories under which we can nominate fellow bloggers.

So, here is my first list of nominations:

1) Best Off-Beat Post -(by) Saurabh:

2) Best Movie Review Post -(by) Mayuri Sharma:

3) Best How-to Post -(by) Dreamer:

4) Most Humorous Post -(by) Mayuri Sharma again:

5) Best Satirical Post – (by NONE OTHER THAN) Quirky Indian (the King of satire):

6) Best Travel Post – (by) Swaram:

7) Best Travel Post – (by) Pixie:

8) Best Visual Post – (by) Monika:

9) Best Poetry Post -(by) Ozzymandias:

10) Best Poetry Post (again) -(by) Piper:

11) Most Networking Blogger – Our very own Kishan Kanhaiya : the one and only Hitchy Bhai!

12) Most Responsive Blogger- Our Don Solilo:

(I need to track down all those posts that made me think, laugh, and ROFL and send in my next list of nominations soon!)

Those of you who would like to add nominations please hop over HERE.

(Need I add, that if you found any of my posts interesting, please do nominate!)


Here goes LIST TWO:-

1) Best off-beat post – (by) Solilo:

2) Most humourous post – (by) Salil Ravindran

3) Best header-  Monika :

4) Best ‘How-to’ post- (by) Ordinary Guy

5) Best Poetry- (by) Mystic Margarita

19 replies on “Avant Garde Awards – Nominations List 1 and 2”

* Smith: Ditto, I’ve been re-reading some posts and having a ball!

* Roshmi: A few are indeed new, because though they are wonderful writers, they aren’t notorious bloggers 🙂

* Pixie: Thanks, but this is only first in the list. More on its way!! Have you made yours?

* IHM: Comment didn’t go into spam this time 🙂 LOL, the Bijli or Sex post was awesome too. But votes will get split, won’t they? Sigh! I do hope he/she wins, though. QI is the undoubted king of satire!

Thank u so much Pal! Honoured to find my post here … my first and must-be only nomination he he Gud luck to u too 🙂

* SWaram – Ofcourse yaar. Sure there will be more too!

* Prats – Please do read them, esp. the ones the non-networking-blogger’s posts…they are awesome!

* Monu – This is so interesting, in itself no?

* K: Okie, will wait to see your list!

* Dreamer: Ofcourse, you had to be there!!

* Vimmu: Much obliged 🙂 Read it and re-read it too! Must I add :’great post’ LOL 😉

* Quirky: OK if you insist 😉 Not studied your species closely so can’t comment 😉 LOL!

* Saurabh: Ofcourse, I liked your post, so nominated it.

* Ozzy: You are undoubtedly one of the best-est poets I’ve come across! I hope you win!

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