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Fight to the tooth!

I hate dentists. Period.

No, Comma.

Because, yesterday, I had a very interesting session at the Dentistry.

It started with a very sweet-looking dentist asking me, ‘Is there any change in your medical history?’

While I thought it was absurd to have ‘medical history for a darn tooth’, she was so polite and kind, that I just couldn’t be rude. I replied in the negative.

And ofcourse, I didn’t want to admit that of late, hot/cold stuff sent that slightest twinge of pain in the tooth (if you know what I mean). An admission of that sort would definitely mean a filling … or a root-canal… or even an extraction (at worst!)

And I wasn’t going to give them ideas! They were only trainees afterall. What if they decided to ‘experiment’ stuff on me?!

Talking of ‘experimenting’, while I sat there, dumb and numb, another girl walked up, and carefully explained something to these girls – instructions to operate the machinery!! ‘Left lever to blow air, and right, for suction’. WTH was going on? ‘That’s for the tools, and this lever is to lower the chair…blah..blah…’

I looked around nervously, until I spotted the chief doctor. I flashed a smile at him, hoping that he wouldn’t have forgotten me from our last visit (You know… the time when he tried to examine Rishi’s teeth, and the little brat kicked him! Hmm … on second thoughts, I guess I rather prefer him not remembering!)

Ok, so these Finnish trainee dentists (with all due respect) proceeded to show me X-Rays from the previous appointment, and explained the treatment.

Now, I was sooper-doooper impressed. When I visit my old dentist in India, the first thing he does, is call his ancient assistant, and scan through fourty equally ancient manuscripts…I mean, ledgers, find my name, and related notes scribbled in different coloured ink all over the yellow, tattered pages. While all these ‘trainees’ did was deftly click a mouse, and Lo! It was all there on the computer…the so-called ‘medical history’ and whatever!

Happily, I offered to help the girls, by opening my mouth wide, and explaining that a filling was ‘supposedly cracked’.

What happened next was rather interesting. This girl quickly called out to her assistant, and then she called out to the chief Doc. He was so charming… he took a look and said ‘Wow! This looks just like the beginning of the English Chunnel’!

So, the next two hours were a session of intense drilling and filling, and re-filling. As Chief Doc. very kindly explained, the ‘filling was so much, that if I went swimming, the weight (- of the filling, mind you) – would drag me down!’

I must admit I was completely enthralled by their procedures and state-of-the-art equipment. At first they gave a delicious local anasthetic…it was just like chewing-gum. When the gums became a little numb, they injected a more intense local anasthetic, and it was fun. It increased my heart beat, and then, I couldn’t feel a thing. I mean, I knew they were knocking out bits of my tooth and all, but there was no such thing as pain or blood.

Unlike my previous experiences, where I would have to stop my old dentist every second or third minute, to either complain of the pain, or to tiredly spit out blood like a war-hero, along with pieces of cement (or composite or amalgam, as the case might be!)

They even gave me a pair of goggles to wear, so my eyes wouldn’t be hurt. Now, wasn’t that cool? That’s why I thought to myself, ‘dentists aren’t bad afterall!’

Finally, it was over. My jaws ached badly. The girls were visibly tired. I was exhausted too, but satisfied, and relieved. Normally, I would shy away from ‘re-appointments’ but when they suggested I return in a couple of weeks, I agreed quite happily.

I mean,  with this sort of pain-free, professional treatment, ‘Yeah! Sure! Why ever not?’

Just as I left, the Chief Doc came over to enquire how I felt. (More impressed, by the service!) I gushed over, about the girls being so good and all that.

He seemed really pleased. He said, ‘Perfect! I’m glad you’re feeling well. I promise you, the next visit will be much easier!’

‘Thank you’, I gratefully smiled back.

‘Definitely! Next time will be very smooth. As you know, this was an awkward one to do! It being the very last tooth’

I nodded wisely.

He nodded wisely.

The girls looked at me, with sympathy, and also nodded wisely.


Ofcourse, it was too late. And I didn’t want to burst the ‘happy bubble’ of those who assumed they had just performed some exquisite restoration work!

So now, I have a non-tooth that has been excavated and restored, a broken tooth that is painful, and rows of other teeth that used to be OK until yesterday, but that have a very strange tingling sensation today!

The good thing is, I also have another appointment in Nov.

‘I hate dentists’ … err…have I mentioned that already?


(Signing off, tired)

30 replies on “Fight to the tooth!”

u r joking, right?????
surely dentist has to see for himself where the problem lies not believe blindly and go about the treatment….heheehee

Me: Pushy, I wish I was joking! In all probability, I had two teeth with enormous cavities and they proceeded with the bigger problem. Only, that had never been a problem for me, as I guess that was a dead tooth in any case! Sigh!!

it posted my comment before i could finish :(evil WP !!

Ya, i was saying i hate dentists too.. infact shit scared of them.. the drill and the gadgets around … hehehe… 😀

been twice i think… for a filling n then for follow up… now, next visit shall be.. dont know when..!! rhomba dairiyam unakku..!!

Me: Right Aaroo! Evil dentists and mean WP 😉 But FB is even worse I think! Don’t tell me you’ve been only twice! I go every damn year! Not out of dhairiyam but out of desperation!

its not the dentist’s fault.. you were busy looking at that handsome doc… and explained the wrong tooth… and

first thing… first…

people have tooth decay et all coz they dont take adequate care… thats what I tell everyone in my family who has a tooth problem apart from me and Hriday !!!!!! 😛 😛

Me: Like I said, Hitchy, you are banned herewith! But yes, I have more cavities than teeth! 😦

best part is everyone in the house brushes regularly or twice… I am the only one who skips brushing almost 2-3 days a week… !!!

thats the secret for healthy teeth !!!

Me: Now that seems very logical, as its the same here..those who don’t brush don’t have problems either! That’s the secret it does seem.. thanks for the enlightenment… BHAIIIIIIIII!

Forgot to add this :

:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

and did you notice you said Hitchy… not hitchy BHAI !!!!!!!

finally my charms are working… arent they ??????

**blows air off the nails**
**looks up**
**sees sandal on the way**


Me: Not sandals, Bhai, but heavy trainer shoes 😉 See, you asked for it! ‘Return of the Bhai’ 😉 Heee hawwww…

Are you serious? Sue their arse ! 😡

What were they thinking? Didn’t they take X-ray? It is not for you to decide. It is their duty to check which tooth need work and then let you know. Only after you give them a nod that they can actually work on it.

I don’t dislike them as long as they work fine on my tooth. Though I find long hours just sitting with an open mouth and not able to say anything very painful. 🙂

Me: Absolutely Soli. Can I really sue them? Hmmm.. sounds like a good option, especially in these recessionary times. Lemme think it over 😉 LOL on you disliking the ‘not being able to say anything’ 😉

I meant ‘It is not for them to decide’.

BTW Pallu, go to your profile and add your blog link to Contact info–>Website–Update profile. That way even when you are logged in, you can post comments on other WP blogs and blogspots and your blog address will be visible.

Me: Soli, u are such a tech savvy woman! *Pats on the back* Thank you, will try it out right away.

You can, Pallu. Recession or not. Threaten them. You don’t lose anything. 🙂

My Dentist is a cutie. A little nerdy but cutie. 😉 Imagine sitting there showing my worst tooth to him and not being able to even say a word. He is a Kishan-Kanaihyya there because other Dentists are all oldies.

Me: LOL, Soli. No wonder you aren’t too afraid of the clan! You have some motivation to visit the dentist 😉

Our forefathers teeth fell out when they were ninety,
but nowadays all of ours start shaking even at thirty.
Are we at least aware of the situation’s gravity?
after all aren’t we using tooth-paste that fight cavity.

I can understand all the assistants and the chief doc nodding wisely, they must have scooped out your wisdom tooth.

Me: LOL! That was hilarious..about ‘scooping out the wisdom tooth’. But I have a secret… my wisdom teeth never came out ever!!

Oh you poor dear! I have a huge phobia about dentists myself. So I can almost feel your pain. And every time I am dragged to see one (kicking and screaming), he/she proceeds to tell me that even those teeth which give me no problem have some mysterious ailment which needs to be fixed ASAP. I nod my head sagely while looking at all options for a quick getaway. Needless to say I have never gone to the same dentist twice 🙂

Me: Thank you for empathy/sympathy, etc. LOL at you ‘being dragged kicking and screaming’ 🙂 🙂 ROFL!

Shake hands Pal…I had gone abou a couple of months back to get my wisdom toth extracted. Since I had delayed it for so long, I had o also get the tooth above it extracted – which meant two teeth were extracted. I got some five injections and I couldn’ tlk for about two days and I had to slurp room temperature mashed khichdi for three days. Tell me about dentists 😦

I hate them tooooo!!!

PS: Hope your pain is better now

Me: OGM, poor you, Supps. Two extractions and injections…that’s awful! Awwwww….

I detest the whole clan of dentists too! Infact when the dentist asked me if I had any allergies, I replied ‘yes, allergic to dentists’. Luckily she found that funny and laughed. On second thoughts, may be it was retribution…! Sigh!

Btw, what do you think of the old method of dentistry… to extract a tooth, you tie a thread around it and YANK it off. What say? I think I’m beginning to think that’s way better than being drilled for hours at a stretch, only to make things worse!


they DID THAT?!!

Pallu, you need to visit ANOTHER dentist and get your teeth fixed.


Me: Yes Pix 😦 Another dentist… no! Never again. Decided to live with this, rather than lose more!!

Arre… Pallu, go and visit a proper dentist babe!
Don’t go around with a cavity in your mouth. It’s painful and not a good thing.

Me: Nooooooooo, not again! The only time I’ll ever go is to pull a da** tooth out 😦 Like Dreamer, I think I will have to be dragged, kicking and screaming!

buhahahahah…. next time please tell them the correct one…

else you have to fix appointments month after month for 32.. 😛 😛

/*on second thoughts, I guess I rather prefer him not remembering*


Me: LOL…32 appointments? Not sure…I might have just 20 or so!

really they did that…? especially after getting your whole dental history at a click of the mouse….. 🙂

my sympathies… but it is very bad on part of the doctor.

how can they fill a perfectly normal tooth.. or was it not.. in case you didn’t know about its history as it did not pain .. yet…. ????

Me: 😦 Very bad, I agree! Not sure if its psychological, but many of my tooth ache now!
But the good thing is, I finally got your URL again and have blogrolled you 🙂

Goodness,how could the dentists be so careless?I meanthey checked your med-history, was there right in front of them at teh click of a mouse,so hw come they extracted teh wrong tooth?

Pal you should compain to the hospital authorities,if not sue!

Gosh this is bad!

Me: GOK, Deeps. As of now, just thinking of staying away from them for as long as I can. Seriously, every time I visit a dentist, my teeth just get worse!

I thought stuff like this only happened in stories!

Before your next appointment, I suggest you use some sort of colouring to mark the tooth you want them to work on….just to be safe! 🙂


Quirky Indian

Me: Actually, a very good idea, Quirky! Might just stick some gum over the broken tooth!

You go to dentist so regular my God !!! So computer and technology helped them to fix a wrong tooth 😛 …. don’t you think old dentist was better atleast he would have fixed the right one !!!

Only time I had been to a dentist when I was in college and the dentist extracted the rather than looking for any other solution and suggested more extraction but luckily those tooth fell off on their own… so as of now I don’t need to see a dentist and hope it remains that way for life …

Me: Absolutely, Dmanji! Grumpy old dentist who extracts right tooth is any day better than modern hep dentist who damages good tooth! Sigh! And now you’ve made me all J by saying you went to the dentist just once! Isn’t that cool?

You bet that one visit has made me promise that its better to feel the occasional tooth-ache or even if portions of teeth break off but God forbid I would ever have to see a dentist… BTW that time my cheek had swollen like a balloon otherwise I wouldn’t have gone 😉

Me: LOL 🙂 🙂 Poor u (about the swelling, I mean! I know how terrible it can be!

ROFL !!! Cant believe that you actually sat through the whole thing without knowing which tooth they were experimenting !! 😀 😀 😀 😀 All the best for your next session !! Hope they get a different tooth this time too ! Buhahahhahahahah !!!!

btw, we have computers here too for the medical records? where do you check your tooth? in the govt hospital ??? 😀 😀 😀 😀

Me: Actually, I had a doubt somewhere mid-way, but then I was enjoying the drilling sensation so I let them do their thing! Apparom than therinjithu! As for my dentist (LOL at your comment 🙂 ), he is an old grumpy man, who doesn’t know how to operate the computer. His son is slightly better though!

oh hell! yeah any doc visit -i dread and the dentist i had never been to one in 30yrs! until last yr…. never went back too!

Me: Woow! I’m sooooooo J, Nish! I go twice a year 😦

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