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Why I think he’s a baby, and why he isn’t!

Today being the eve of my ‘baby’s’ third birthday, I decide to give him a nice magical movie evening!

So here we are, cuddled on the sofa, watching ‘Aladin and the King of Thieves’.

Me: ‘Baby?’

Baby: Silence

Me: ‘Are you hungry?’

Baby: More silence, mouth open, gaping at Aladin and Jasmine

Me (patience wearing out): ‘BABY! Hungry?’

Baby (finally): ‘But sorry, Amma, I’m watching Aladin.’

Me (gushing about my ‘baby’ talking so much!): ‘Oh shooo shweeeet!’

Baby (without blinking): ‘Is Aladin going to kiss the girl now?’

Me: ????****!!!!!???****

*** Happy Birthday, my dearest little boy! ***

38 replies on “Why I think he’s a baby, and why he isn’t!”

Rishi to Pallu
Momma, It is only a kiss
why all this hullabaloo & fuss
the prince always gives the princess
there is nothing to take amiss
or be forever in a state of bliss.

Happy Birthday Rishi! May you grow up with lot of kisses. 🙂

* Deeps – Thank you 🙂 Aren’t you even gladder now, that you have a girl?

* Vimmu – From the looks of it, it seems YES! Only, here teenage starts at 8?!!! Thank you for your wishes 🙂

* Pummy – Exactly! Can’t I simply rewind Time for say, 2 years, and enjoy his babyhood all over again?

* Soli – LOL! He must have thought the same 🙂 Infact, Soli, he sits and watches movies like The Mummy end to end, without the bat of an eyelid!

* Roshmi – OMG! Don’t scare me 🙂

* KG – Thank you so much 🙂

* PRG – I was missing your 4-liners all these days! And you’re back with a bang!! A 6-liner! Thank you 🙂 And what a love-ly wish for Rishi, won’t he be thrilled?

* Harish – Thank you so much! Yeah yeah, it begins with just ‘ek kiss’ 😉

* Vanitha – 🙂 Thank you 🙂

* Aaroo – Thank you! Inime thaan-a? OMG! Frightening!

* QI – He he! Infact, last week, he tried to hug a little girl at the dance class, while her mommy watched approvingly!

* LR – Thank you very much 🙂

* Prats – Thank you 🙂 Babies turn into guys all too soon, methinks!

He He !!! True boys will be Boys 😀 ….. and that too quite smart 😉 …. Happy Budday to your smart boy 😀 and kids to do grow up too soon nowadays… when I see around it really surprises to see 5-10 yr olds react the way they do ….totally beyond my imagination …..

Happy happy budday R 🙂

Am sure Momma is gonna make it really special and I am waiting to read that post 🙂 Hv lotza fun 🙂

ROFL @ that conversation – I ws gonna say happy budday baby – nw I know I shud better say li’l big boy 😛

Happy 3 yrs of motherhood Pal 🙂

* Dman- Thanku thanku 🙂 Kids do grow up too soon!

* Swaram- Thanku dear! Momma made Poori for him this morning, and will continue to make yummy stuff, well atleast for today 😉

* Mon- He he…@ ‘big little boy’… thank you 🙂

Happy Birthday to the birthday boy! Hugs and kisses to little darling! Hope he has a lovely lovely time today!

Have to say, he has his priorities in the right place 🙂 How could you be asking him questions about hunger when he is watching something so interesting 🙂

* Mon – Thank you once again! My first ‘thank u’ went in the previous comment!!

* Hitchy – Thank you so much! Taken your suggestion and bought lots of goodies 🙂 You have a boy too, so watch out Bhai!!

* Smith – Thank you buddy! He had a great time at his playgroup today. As for priorities, absolutely true! ROFL at your comment!! Btw, you should watch him watching Malaika Arora!! 😉 Even if the place was on fire, he wouldn’t move from the spot!!

* Ipshita – Thank you… indeed, the comments are always so lovely! God bless friends like all of you 🙂

A very Happy Birthday to Rishi 🙂
What a delightful conversation!!! He’s a smart, observant baby.. err child, he knows the boy must kiss the girl to make a happy ending 🙂

Look forward to reading more about what a wonderful birthday he had!!!

Very happy birthday to Rishi 🙂 🙂 superb conversation 😉 😀 😀

don’t disturb him frequently pals, that too during those important scenes.. LOL 😛 😛

Me: Thank you, Kanagu! You too? Supporting that brat?

A Very Happy B’day to little Rishi! Isn’t amazing how quickly they grow up and at the same time can remain utterly helpless and innocent? My lil ones too have this unnerving habit of predicting when two characters are going to smooch on screen! :O

Me: Thank you, R. Exactly…despite all this, they remain so vulnerable and baby-ish at times. LOL at your kids being able to predict important events like that 😉

I am so late in wishing him! sigh!

Happy Birthday Rishi!! 😀

Pallu, very bad! how Could you disturb him during such an important scene?!! 😛


Me: LOL! Pix, et tu?? And here I’m waiting for sympathy./empathy /whatever from like-minded peepals! Sigh 😦

Ha ha 🙂

Aladin is a beautiful movie, don’t you think? 🙂

Me: Certainly do, Aathira! I was always mesmerised by such fables…and gems and genies, et al. Blog-rolling you , btw 🙂 as I keep thinking I should do it, but never get down to adding the link 🙂

ha ha ha!!! pals he’s ur son what ya expect him to ask?????

Me: Daiiii! This isn’t what I expected. I should have known, though 🙂 that this was coming. LOL 🙂

boys!!! boys!!!! and well me eager to know more about his baby talk!!! and of cos,, rishi kuttikku! belated birthday wishes!!!!!

Me: Thank you for your wishes, Barath. You’ve been away for quite some time now. Welcome back! As for his baby talk, will make a new post soon 🙂

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