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Indiblogger and me

I do like Indiblogger. Not because they have given me a good rank. My rank, infact falls, every month, and is down from 79 to 65!!

But I do like the fact that (a) they provide a decent platform for bloggers to share their work. And (b) the Blog of the Month contests.


Talking of which, my blog has been nominated this time (don’t ask by whom!! I helped myself 😉 ).

So, in case you haven’t already seen your favourite blogger listed there, or haven’t cast your vote for someone else already, please do vote for me.

Here is the link to VOTE.

And this is the title of my blog: ‘I am no writer’ by ‘Pal’

These are the links to the posts that I dare categorise as ‘poetry’….he he!

1- The Ghost (all you lovely folks have already been very receptive to this spooky post)

2- A walk in the rain (this one will make you go ‘awwwwww….’)

3- End of the road (this is my favourite)

4- I yearn (this isn’t mushy at all, go ahead and read it)

5- Holi hai (wait..there’s a twist here..its not about Holi after all!)

On another note, many of my blogger friends have been nominated too. Ozzy, Pushpy, Shail, Aaroo, Tikuli, Prats (to name a few) … so if you choose to vote for them, I won’t get back at you – at all 🙂

You can vote for upto 5 favourite blogs. So pliss to remember to vote for my blog, also titled ‘I am no Writer’ 🙂

OK then, so in case you haven’t done so already, please log into your Indiblogger account and vote!