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Too much and too less

There’s been too much going on of late, and Time just seems too less.

As most of you who are on FB know, I had an eventful Friday.

I turned over a new leaf and set the alarm to wake me at 5 in the morning. Which it did. And the sleepy-head that I am/was, I walked into the kitchen quite hazily, only to find the washing machine making some queer whirrrrrrrrrrr sounds, as if groaning from stomach-ache. So I turned it off, and opened the door (its a front-loading thing), and guess what? Water GUSHED out! I shut it back immediately (what presence of mind, eh?), but could still hear the water POURING INTO the machine. That’s when I hit the panic button. No outflow, and extremely high inflow!

Knight in shining armour, Hubby, came to rescue me. But Lo! The valve to shut the water inflow was MISSING! The main valve was rusted and refused to budge a millimetre. While knight oiled the valve, the machine threatened to burst open with a vengeance, so I had to succumb and open it myself. This time, however, I placed a bucket under the door, so managed to catch half the water atleast! My exercise for the day/week/month was complete, as I mopped the rest of the water from the floor!

When the precious main valve finally agreed to turn, the entire house went still for a moment. And we took a deep breath! No water for  the next couple of hours, but atleast, there wasn’t going to be any more flooding!

So yeah, that’s how Friday went!

Saturday was better, with a fantastic birthday party at Sanyash’s place. They had kept a Racer theme, and the hosts and guests both did absolute justice to it. I was the official camera(wo)man and had a great time. My little brat, needless to say, raced away until it was time to leave.

Sunday, again, proved mildly eventful. I opened the fridge first thing in the morning, and Lo and Behold! The satchet of milk I had bought on Sat. evening had disappeared!! I looked all over the place. No sign! It finally struck me. The entire thing had leaked out, and the vegetable trays (just below the shelf) were full of milk!! So, another round of cleaning (without swearing, can you beat that? *Patting my back**) and there began our Sunday.

Monday was pretty calm.

Tuesday and Wednesday went in our regular routine… shopping..blah..blah.

And here we are, on the brink of Deepavali 2009! With no plans whatsoever. Infact, this is our first Diwali outside home. We are usually in India at this time, and yes, feeling somewhat homesick 😦

But let’s see… maybe, Diwali will have something pleasant in store for us?

Cheerio, folks! Have a very Happy Diwali too 🙂

25 replies on “Too much and too less”

Oh dear! that washing machine gushing out water first thing in the morning could ruin a day.

It irks me if something goes wrong in the house even when a tap leaks..I need it replaced immediately otherwise my mind is always thinking about it. 🙄

Festival time is when we miss India the most. Do you keep diyas outside? I didn’t get new diyas so am using tea light candles. We have sparklers at home so will play with 2-3 sparkles with Peanut.

Wish you a very happy and joyous Diwali, Pallu!

Me: Thank you, Soli! And wish you the same!! Good idea on the tealights. I do have Diyas but guess tealights are a safer and cleaner option 🙂 Happy Deepavali! Pics please 🙂

Cheer up Pal, you have just cleaned your house, it must be glowing now….maybe Goddess laxmi likes it that way….now wait till she steps in and hear the jinglings of good luck….Happy Diwali to You!!!


Me: True, Pushy! That’s the bright side, isn’t it? Thank you for making me realise that 🙂 Wish you a lovely Deepavali to you too.. keep smiling and sharing, as you always do! Again, I am really glad you are my friend. You happen to be one of the nicest people I know.

So cute to read about your happy-gone-crazy days… 😀

Happy Deepavali to you 😀 I’ve bought the sparkly rangoli powder and also will light diyas around the house. Am against crackers anyway.

May Goddess Laxmi bless you and your family with wealth, health and cheer always 🙂

Me: Happy Deepavali, Urmi! Missed our chat session this week, but next week is Pakka! Hope all of you have a lovely day and a prosperous year ahead!

Thats really hard first the Washing Machine and then the milk… Anyways the Diwali is here so eat shop and celebrate.

Happy Diwali 🙂

Me:Thank you, Prats, and wish you a wonderful Diwali too. And now, I am going to take your advice and go shopping 🙂 Have you done yours?

Happy Diwali….
I am sure you will have good luck soon…

Me: Thank you, my dear MR. And wish you and the lovely girls a very happy Deepavali too. About the good luck, I think Friday itself was rather lucky, as it was the cold water that gushed out, and not the hot water!! 😉

Atleast you lost your sleep with all that water issues !!! 😀 😀 😀

Seems like one of my normal days ! I feel bad for you though 😉

Me: Awwww….your normal day is like this? 😦 Happy Deepavali to you and your fiance too 🙂 Any special plans?

What is this homesick and all the fuss
You always have on your side all of us
let the goddess seated on the lotus
shower your family with health peace and riches.

Happy Diwali to you, Sub and Rishi. 🙂

That is so true
With friends like you!
Happy Deepavali to you
Btw, I will wish my dad, Mr.Sub too 😉

Pallavi, this was all a conspiracy against you by your household gadgets to get you to do the pre-Diwali cleaning of your house 😛

Happy Diwali to all of you 🙂

Me: Supp, you are right, aren’t you? I didn’t think of it until now 🙂 Just hoping the rest of the rooms are not involved in the conspiracy 😉 Happy Deepavali to you and Arjun 🙂

My sympathies! The whole milk episode happened to me too one 😦 ‘Cept I was away for a few days, the milk leaked down. When we got back and opened the fridge it was like something had died in there!

Me: ROFL at your description of ‘inside the fridge’. Have a very happy Deepavali, Dreamer and may all your dreams come true 🙂

The mystery of the missing milk packet 😛 – Ha ha ha

Happy Diwali Pal! Have a gr8 time with 😀

Me: Ejjacktaly, Swaram! That’s a nice idea for the title of this post, btw. Happy Deepavali to you and your family!

Pssst! When are you getting back to our Scrabble game?? *a badly mauled Shail waiting to take revenge*

Me: Thank you for the ‘additional’ pats, Shail. Your wish is my command, started a new game, but don’t expect much resistance from me this week..Next week will be time for retribution 😉 Yee Haw!!

The accidents are all over… !!!!! Diwali will be fun time !!!!!!!

Have a happy and safe Diwali… !!!!!

and will you take ur turn in scrabble… geez… Shail is waiting too… sigh…

Me: Me hoping Diwali will be great too 🙂 As for Scrabble, you were on a winning streak anyway! Taken turn in new game too..but like I said (to Shail), my defences are rather poor this week.. next week, I will be back with a bang!! Happy Deepavali to you, Hetal and gorgeous Hriday 🙂

Well, look at it like this…after this, anything will be calm and restful! Lovely post

Me: True, Ratna! Wish you a very happy Deepavali too. More divine pics from your end please 🙂

Ah! Washing machine trails!! 😛
Tell me about them! Whew!

How did milk packet leak?! ❓
Gosh! no swear words!! wow! *Pats Pallu on the back*
I’m very impressed!

Happy Diwali to you and your lovely family Pallu!
Yea, homesickness is bound to happen, but think of it this way – just the 3 of you also get to make lovely memories of your first Diwali together!! 🙂


Me: Pixu, know what? After reading your comment, I actually went out and did some shopping…a huge Bob the builder construction set for the little one, and some lovely colourful lights, flowers, etc. Thank you. And wish you a wonderful Deepavali too!

Hmmm….Had a splashy week 😛 …. first water then milk 🙂 …neways Happy Diwali…hope its full of sparkles 😀

Me: ROFL! Its funny, in retrospect atleast 🙂 Thank you, Dman, and wish you a very happy Diwali too!

that was spraying account of the week…I think I felt some splash over me too 😀

Hope you had a wonderful Diwali 🙂

Me: LOL! Hope it was a splash of colour 😉 How was your Diwali, Deepti?

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