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Raising funds for flood victims

Dear Bloggers/Readers,

A friend of mine (who blogs here) has started raising funds to help the victims of floods in Andhra Pradesh.

An extract from her mail:

‘…As a pay back to the society to which we come from we thought of appealing to all of you to contribute what you can, so that we can relieve the misery of our fellow citizens to the extent we can.’

For details of the fund account or address to which cheques may be sent, please head over to the appeal in her blog.

So, guys and girls, its up to you…if you can contribute, even a teeny tiny little bit, please do so.

Like they say, every little helps.

And, what goes around, always comes around 🙂

If possible, and if you are interested, please can you also help spread the word around?

Thank you!!