More awards..

Happy Weekend everybody! And let’s begin it on this nice note…


Dreamer has awarded me with this precious ‘I Adore your Blog’ award.


While I most gratefully accept it, I would also (rather promptly) like to pass it on to the foll. people, whose blogs are on the list of blogs that I admire…

1- Quirky Indian (though Quirky never bothers to acknowledge the award on the blog, or pass it on!)

2- Phoenix (for her wonderful sense of humour, and daring)

3- Shail (especially for her latest poem on Love)

4- Ratna (for being a wonderful writer..if you haven’t done so already, you have got to read her ‘Art of Having a Crush’)

5- Shankari (her stories lay the truth so bare, it could rip your soul apart) 


P.S: Dmanji is on an award-receiving spree, and has ever so sweetly passed them on to people in his I am going to ransack his collection of awards soon, and pass them on too 😉

27 replies on “More awards..”

jesus.. from train I still managed to come first… pallu u must appreciate… !!!!

Pal: Absolutely, Hitchy! I am still racking my brains to find out how you do it! First everywhere, everytime! Supercool!


Don’t mind him Pallu!! he is on a roll today!!!!!!!

CONGRATULATIONS!! you deserve this super award! 🙂

Pal: He always is, no Pixu? Thanku btw 🙂

Congrats Pal and an award is awaiting u on my blog too 😀
Do pick it up 🙂

Pal: Yay!Yay! That’s a nice way to begin this new week…thank u Swaram!!

Congrats Pallu! You totally deserve this award! And you must celebrate with one more of your fabulous fiction 🙂

Have a great weekend!

Pal: Awww…thank u Smitha! Will do another fictitious piece soon 😉 and dedicate it to you!

Congrats Pal! You so deserve this 🙂

Pal: Thank you so much Mish! More in store from Dmanji (I happen to be in his blogroll, and he has very generously shared a lot of awards to the blog-rollees, so I qualify 😉 Will diligently circulate the awards soon and you can collect yours too 🙂

Congrats !!!!! i just read the post today !!!!!!!!



Pal: OMG.. you leave Comment No. 1 and Comment No. 2 and you haven’t even read the post until then! But seriously, Hitchy, how do u do it? U get some automatic notification or something? I’ll be shocked out of my wits if I ever EVER land first on anybody’s page in the near future!

Yes the awards are all waiting there !!! and congratz for the current ones !!!

Pal: Thank you Dmanji! Good show, on that enviable bunch of awards you’ve just received 🙂

Pal, thanks for yet another award. Feels wonderful receiving all these awards, though I had hoped no one would notice that I don’t “acknowledge the award on the blog, or pass it on!”.

But nothing gets past you, does it? 🙂

But, as I always say, Wottodo? I am like that wonly.

On a more serious note, thank you again.



* Deeps- Thank u dear!

* Pesto Sauce- Thank you…and I enjoyed reading your blog too! Will be a regular!

How bad of me, I am so late! 😦 I am so sorry. Most times I don’t know whether I have commented, where I have commented…..!! And on some days the crab is buried in the sand 😉 😛 either waiting for the tide to rise or fall depending…!!
Thank you so much Pal! I am really honored.

* Shail – Ofcourse not a problem! Thank you 🙂

* Roshmi – Thank you and hope you enjoyed your Pujo too!

* Ums – Thank you Madame 🙂

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