55-er Short story

The silence of the noise (55-er)

I desisted breaking my siesta. Loud TV Soaps…Louder jazz!

But, it was ‘kaapi’ time.

Entered the hall…


I stared, incoherent.

The photograph beamed at me.

The wife was long gone! My little ones, migrated.

It was Just me. An entire evening lay ahead!

I slumped onto the sofa. Grabbed the remote. Turned the volume to 50.



(Please excuse the silly title).

42 replies on “The silence of the noise (55-er)”

* Hitchy – Thank you 🙂

* Prash – Thank you…that’s the beauty of 55-ers, though many people are not particular fans of this genre of writing.

* OG – Exactly..Loneliness hits hard. Thanks for appreciating, and many more thanks for the Youtube links 🙂 This has got to be one of my all-time fav. movies!!

* Vimmu – Sorry, but did you actually find this funny? Or maybe it is, in a strange , ironical way!

The eeriness of being all alone,
waiting for at least the ring of the phone.
Lonliness hanging around the neck like a millstone
the sadness of solitude and to be all on your own.

Pal, well written.

* OG – Seriously! Must be Rajini’s all time super-duper-hits! I still remember literally ROFL at the one-liners!

* Smithu – Thanku so much, I wish your words were true, but I am miles and miles away from such dreams 🙂

* PRG – Its strange, how (like you mentioned), when we are alone, the phone seems to be a good enough companion, rather than a disturbance! Thank you!

…and your fiance is hopefully not 😉
Hitchy- Way to go! Proud of you 🙂
Vimmu bhai- learn..learn from Hitchy!

LOL .. came bk n read this one again 😛
Gud luck Pals 🙂

Me: Thanks, Swaram. But I’m so pathetic at contests, I just never win anything! So not even going to make a post asking for votes this time!

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