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Dil Bole ‘Hadap’-pa

When? Oh! When?

When will B(/K)ollywood learn to be original? For how many more centuries will be continue to copy plots and music?

I really was looking forward to watching Dil Bole Hadippa, but then I read Quirky’s exhaustive review, and decided to skip it. The movie, I mean.

When I accidentally came across the story-line, I was disgusted, as this is a straight lift off the English movie: She’s the man. Now that, was a thoroughly enjoyable movie. So, I was upset to see Yashraj has simply hadap-ed an English movie, instead of letting their creative juices flow. I guess all they want is a juicy cash flow!

Ofcourse they will rake in the moolah. They have * handsome Shahid * Nautankey Rakhi!  * And crafty Rani. (I somehow find her sexy smile rather artificial and forced!)

Call me crazy, but am I the only one in the world to think Rani looks worn?!She doesn’t quite have that refreshing charm she exuded in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai or Ghulam (and I absolutely loved her in those movies!!). And to think of watching Rakhi Sawant, that itself is sheer torture. Much as I respect her outspoken-ness, she is a little too brash for my liking!

On another note, Aishwarya Rai seems to have gained a few tyres. Check out this video. Cheap thrill, that 😉 – the much-hyped Bacchhan Bahu isn’t quite the slender reed she used to be.

Now, now, now, Don’t you go pointing fingers at me! Neither am I a former Miss World nor do I get paid Crores of rupees, while being adored by the new Mummas-and-Pappas.

Another tidbit for you… when I tried to Google ‘Aishwarya Rai’ , this is one of the answers that came up featuring a link to ‘Wikianswers‘. What a waste of Internet resources. We Indians are crazy about ‘our stars’, aren’t we?!

38 replies on “Dil Bole ‘Hadap’-pa”

did you say CRAFTY RANI ??


of late I dont like her… this zero size doesnt matter… she looked much better earlier… !!! suddenly she seems to be looking old… and nothing new in her dressing… she is stuck since bunty and babli..

Absolutely, Hitchy! First, as always 🙂 I hate this Size Zero concept..I think such girls look like aliens. Starved aliens at that! Glad you too think Rani is old. I was expecting a lot of stones to be thrown at me for writing this post 😉 Btw, ‘crafty’ is what Ash’s Mama said about Rani in Karan Johar’s ‘Koffee with Karan’ show 🙂 She said, ‘Rani knows her craft’!

Now they are not only copying Hollywood films. But rehashing bits and pieces of last year’s hits, as well. No wonder that what is dished out tastes like a left over mash meal.

Rani has always tried too hard. And somehow that never works.

Just love the film.

Rani was looking at her best in many years.

Her chemistry with Shahid was so cute both as Veer & Veera.
A total entertainer…

I would love it if they copy and copy well – rather than make a mess despite copying 😦

I have no plans of seeing the movie.. but in the promos, yes I think she is looking her age.. She used to look much fresher earlier..

Size zero – I can never understand that – why can’t women just look good naturally? Why this whole obsession with being size zero is beyond me..

As for wikianswers – ROFL!

The Wikianswers link is no doubt ridiculous, but it is a tad unfair and amateurish to point out that such voyeurism is confined to only Indians. Hollywood sees much, much worse. Voyeurism is the biggest scourge of our times and an indulgent media fans the fires pretty well

Me too didn’t like the promos of that movie!

I don’t understand the dresses either.
the wind blown hair, the skimpy clothes, the bikini top and salwar…
Why can’t they do anything unique?!

Banno – Isn’t that the depths of depravity? Sigh! There are so many opportunities and stories that one can make a movie on, and all we do is recycle! Liked your view on Rani ‘trying too hard’. I couldn’t agree more!

Josh – Thanks for dropping by. Shahid being the hero, anybody would share great chemistry 😉 Cheers!!

Smitha – True.. Copying well is OK, I guess. Absolutely second you on the Size Zero. Its absurd! People look quite out of proportion that way.

Vimmu – LOL at you being ‘another victim’. Ha ha! How much did the ticket cost, btw? The last time I saw a movie in Chennai, they looted Rs.150 per ticket!

Roshmi – Hey! Good to see you after so long! LOL, at that piece of info. Thanks for sharing 🙂

Rajani – Media always fans fires in the wrong direction! I don’t know much about Western audiences, but I can vouch for the fact that in the West, something like an ‘AB-Ash Rai wedding’ would not be telecast LIVE with lakhs watching, glued to their Tellies! I do believe we Indians are blinded by the stars! I don’t mind much, though, when the star in question, is an SRK or AK or Shahid, for that matter 😉

Pixu – Exactly! Why can they not do something unique?

Well to be honest recently I havent been liking Rani. Shes quite monotonous and I dont think she suits bikinis and skimpy clothes. I would rather (if I ever watch her films) see her in salwars. And I actually find her voice annoying. But I am not sure how they expect us to believe that Rani with her voice is a male in her form as Veer? I mean you would have to be pretty dumb to believe that shes a guy….and also the size zero concept is so overrated. Why cant they make movies and use actresses who look like the rest of us I mean just plain old bharathiya nari and not some hyped up skinny girl with no clothes. And do you know what I find in NZ that they call bollywood culture as ‘Indian Culture’. And I get so disgusted when I hear Indians saying that this is our culture and ‘Indian’ girls dress up in skimpy outfits and dance to bollywood songs. Thats really disgusting…Just had to get it out….Sorry if I said something wrong…

Btw, M.R – I entirely second you on the ‘wrong projection’ of Indian culture and the like. Women who wear skimpy cholis and chamki sarees are hardly the heart of India!


Thanks for the mention. Glad my exhaustive review saved you some money! 🙂

Why does Bollywood copy? Because they seek the easy way out. And, as Smitha said, they can’t even get that right.


Quirky Indian

Man, that Aish video is from 2005. She has been in shape since then. I thought you had a new video.

Rani has always been irritating to me with her fake sweet smile and annoying voice which sounds the same in every role – no modulation. Her cute act is tiring now in a 30+ woman,

Shilpa – As Lee pointed out, that was an old video. Just updated the link with the latest one. Do take a look.

M.R – ‘Monotonous’ is the perfect word to describe Rani. People who believe Rani is ‘Veer’, must be the same set of idiots who believed that SRK was the ‘cool dude’ in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, simply because he took off his Mush and spiked his hair! About making actresses like ‘the rest of us’…ahem..don’t think our men-folk would appreciate that 😉

Quirky – He he! Absolutely! ‘Getting the easy way out’…hmm…just wondering if that is a common trait in us Indians/Asians?!

Lee – How can I thank you enough for having pointed out that gaffe? Remedied right away 🙂 And I am glad I am not the only one who finds her smile contrived and fake.

Hitchy – Glad you noticed. That is the Mannekin Pis – a landmark in Brussels. Its a naughty little Prince caught relieving himself outside a witch’s house, who then turned him into a Statue. He’s cute, isn’t he?

are you in brussels or the UK ?? my BIL is in Brussels I think… !

the kid cute ? lol.. 😛 😛

we have lots of those made in marbles selling… I remember one urologist had one big one at the entrance of his clinic… !!

UK, Hitchy, but we just went to Brussels for a weekend, 🙂 Why didn’t u tell me your BIL was there? We might have just been able to have a nice Indian meal at his place 😉 😉

I never liked rani much except in that song, ‘aati kyaa khandala’, and her general cheerful, confident attitude then… now I notice her voice which I don’t like either. Shahid Kapoor is cute and has got extra sympathy points from fans like me 😉

I had seen ‘She’s the man’ on TV and liked it too, sad they couldn’t make a good copy.

Quirky Indian’s review was exhaustive no doubt.

I agree about Rakhi…. Even I like her for being outspoken and Mallika Sherawat even more but for now i feel that Rakhi has stepped way over the line….

Abt Rani, I disagree….Really find her cute even in the horrible movies like KANK.

Abt plagiarism in bollywood yahan sadiyon se yaho hota aaya aur yahi hoga 😦

I think we share the same thoughts. whether it was english movie remake or not, I was not looking forward to it, concept is toooooooooooo old. ANd Rani, yes she is not as fresh, (same goes for aish) or rather with such a big flow of new comers we are used to faster turn over.
We ‘indian’ are not the only one crazy about starts. so are the americans for their stars…i think it is the case around the world

* IHM – Ditto! I thought she was very charming in just those two movies. Shahid…*drooling already* .. full marks for him 😉

* Prats – I hear you! Rakhi oversteps the line, almost always. The other day, I chanced to see her interview on Star, where she stated (in trying to elucidate ‘possibilities’ in life) she might just become PM one day…I mean, these things sound absurd, don’t they?

Btw, I did like KANK a lot. I thought the storyline was extremely mature!

* IWW – Exactly! Why can they not come up with something original? Its either the usual love stories or something silly like this. About the ‘star gazing craze’, its just my personal viewpoint that we as a clan, are more star-crazy than any other people. Opinions, ofcourse, differ 🙂

@Pal: I didn’t like it. You know somewhere it lacked to show the resilience of the institution of marriage. Somehow I have grown up to believe in it and people upholding it time and again. What KANK showed was everything that an Indian marriage is not. I give some leeway to KJ because he showed them as NRI or rather Indian Origin People but then somehow deep down I like to believe somethings are embedded in our genes and would not change with out country of residence (you know I would have believed the movie if it starred Non Indians)

Pal: Hmmm…I would have felt the same, if I hadn’t seen innumerable instances of betrayals and incompatibilities in ‘traditional Indian couples’. It is indeed challenging to try and ‘work things out’, but I believe its even more difficult to correct the mistake, as that requires a lot of nerve. Again, by nerve, I don’t mean, flitting from one partner to another like a butterfly, but finding someone suitable to you, and then upholding that true relationship. But I see where you come from… the one-man or one-woman relationship that is actually a beautiful part of Indian culture!

Rani Mukherjee ruined her career for the half-mustached man Aditya Chopra. Now to compete with the likes of zero sizes Kareena and Deepika, she has lost so much weight that she looks like a bobble head.

It is better to be original than to imitate.

I am not going to watch DBH. The pair itself looks such a mismatch from the promos.

Ooh, Soli, whats this story about Aditya Chopra..seems like I have some Googling to do today 😉

Yes, totally agree with you on that bobble head thing.

About the mismatched stars, I would say, anybody (but Kareena) is mismatched with Shahid 😉 Everyone else looks like his Aunty!

It does seem that movie was made only so that Rani could get rave reviews. As for Ash’s tyres, I totally get you ; ) Makes you feel that there’s a God up there and everything’s alright with the world, when the beautiful peeps turn out to be mortals like us, eh?

Wanted to say hello to you and this Hadippa title just dragged me to this post !!! 🙂

Used to be a grt Rani fan – not anymore – she’s too artificial now a days.

Size zero is no gud on anybody. They all look like starved giraffes. It sucks to see them on screen.

Our Indian cinema cannot copy a English movie properly – it has been proved in so many instances. As I was telling Hitch the other day – Hitch in English is Partner in Hindi – but the difference between the 2 movies – OMG !!! Partner is made badly !!!!

pal: Hello to you too, Ums! Ditto to your thoughts on Size Zero. They do look weird! But, a horrible thought just struck me…what IF, in say, 20 years down the line, Size Zero is THE NORM? Then all of us would be the wierdos, won’t we? Gosh! That’s scary!!

Btw, I definitely seem to be on the weird side, as I did like Partner! Not seen ‘Hitch’ though.

Hey,you forgot to mention Sherlyn Chopra in the same breath as Rakhi Sawant & Hadippa,Pallu 😆 !

Oh yes Rani is beginning to look pathetic to my eyes too! Shahid Kapoor was looking like a bacha when paired wz her 😀

More Googling-work for me now…
I agree…Shahid does look like a bacha…as compared to most of his heroines. Still feel bad about Kareena being silly enough to let go of him! Hmm…she probably thought ‘better saif than shah-ry’!

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