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P!ng – I have news!

P!ng! I have news!!

No! Its not what you think. Its not on the personal front 😉 This is an interesting piece of info for all my Bangalore blogger buddies.

Most of my friends are enthusiastic foodies like me. And more often than not, we spend hours arguing about the ‘venue’ for a get-together or party or even a simple girlie’s (or boys, for that matter) hangout. The key points are either ambience or cuisine.

It is indeed challenging to zero in on a venue, especially when there is so much choice! You look around, and you are virtually mobbed by a variety of restaurants offering mouth-watering delicacies.

This is where  P ! N G   enters the picture.pingLogo1

A new entrant in Bangalore, P!ng Restaurant and Dessert Bay is a speciality restaurant, unique in more than one aspect.

These guys specialise in Dim Sum cuisine and offer around 35 unique varieties of Dim Sum. [Dim Sum cuisine, while very well known in the US, South East Asia and China, is not very well known in India. P!ng aspires to popularise Dim Sum cuisine for what it is – large variety, impeccable taste , great flavours and healthy ingredients]. (Now, that part is copy-pasted from their website 😉 )


 (By the way, they even have an exciting Children’s Menu).

The Dessert Bay (open from 10 am till 12 midnight!), is targetted more at the young student crowd, offers intriguing mocktails, ice cream and delicious pastries.contactus_leftHead


 Here is the link to the address and map. They are open 7 days a week – 12:00 pm to 3:30 pm and 7:00 pm to 11:30 pm.

If you are wondering why I wrote this, no, I have absolutely no ulterior motives 😉 (except, probably, the fact that this is owned by Rajanikanth*)!

delicious_dimsumI love going to restaurants that really have a difference! Locale, ambience, or Menu…anything that lends a certain charm to the place.

From the website and reviews, it seems like P!ng has it all! Try it out for yourself.

P.S. Did you know, they offer a free starter and dessert! He he! Now, if that isn’t motivation enough, then what is?!

You are also invited to follow P!ng on Facebook

(Pics: Courtesy:

* P.S. By ‘Rajanikanth’, I did not mean the Actor, but a friend of mine 🙂

21 replies on “P!ng – I have news!”

Wow! Pals, this is amazing! I am dying to go back to blore even more now!
‘ I love going to restaurants that really have a difference! Locale, ambience, or Menu…anything that lends a certain charm to the place.’ Same here! And Bangalore has so many of such lovely places!

Are you based out of Bangalore too?

Smiths- Blore is indeed a nice city…I have cousins and friends based there. As for me…am a loyal Chennai-ite 🙂

@ Monu – Infact, when I started writing this, the first person I thought of was you and the blogging gang! Next time, maybe?

Thanks, you guys, for being so sweet. Btw, Swaram, you make me so J 😉 I wish I could meet someone! Smiths is the only one in these parts, and even she is atleast 3 hours away. Btw, guys, this is a little on the pricey side, but I guess its OK to experiment 🙂

Thanks a ton for the information 😀 remember me too a foodie and in live in Bangalore but right now I am in austerity mode foodwise but don’t worry I’ll be there soon 😛

Oh that explains the list of SouthIndian songs in your blog 🙂 Was wondering how this Bong friend of mine has so much info about Tam/Tel songs 🙂

what are you upto ???/

huh ?? posting about restaurants.. and pics of food… and were those momo’s in the last pic ?///

god !!

I actually have water coming out of my mouth.. LITERALLY !!!!!

why are you all so sadist and keep coming up with posts related to food…

I am so glad I have so many foodie friends, who don’t fuss but enjoy food so heartily! Blessh ya, guys and girls!

@ Pix- Hey, you girls are making me so J. But, that kinda got me talking to Smithu today, so that was fun. I’ll wait for the day I can meet her in person 🙂

Hope you like P!ng, or you will kill me, won’t you? And don’t blame me when the bill arrives Okie?

@ Rajani- Sure! Hope they have a great time 🙂

Yeah, I read in Swaram’s post tht u’ve recommended this awesome restaurant. And she went there, too !!! 🙂

Rajanikanth – Not the star ???? You shld hv let ppl guess and enjoyed the fun !!! 😆 And later announce that he is ur frnd. 🙂

pal: He he, and that’s what I thought I did, but looks like I need to re-work that ‘surprise factor’ piece 😉

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