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What is it about F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Really! What is it about friends?! They add so much happiness to Life!

As most of my FB friends know, I met up with a friend from college, after ELEVEN years! And it was like catching up from just yesterday.  There was none of that foreignness or formality that we feel in newer friendships/relationships. We talked about this and that.. the past..eccentricities of college life, and the present and future plans (however vague or weird they might be!).

This afternoon, again, I made a long-distance call to a friend in Chennai. We have this strange relationship, where we never extend the courtesy to say ‘Hello’s or ‘Good-bye’s, but when we do talk, we gush over without inhibition. And there’s no grudge against the other for not having kept in touch!

It is tantamount to recognizing the fact, that that is a unique relationship, and is exactly the way it is… and you want neither more nor less. And that, I think is the basis for any sustainable friendship.

To be really honest, I find it extremely difficult to make friends, especially as I grow older. Because there are such few people with whom one can have that perfect wavelength. In all these years of post-college days, I can literally count my ‘newer’ friends on fingertips. Its that few!

I am not an anti-social person 😉 but I guess I am a bit of a loner, as I would rather be by myself, than gossip with an acquaintance!

Any day, I would (like the rest of you) prefer to be in the company (however short that might last) of my closest friends….

Those friends with whom I can talk endlessly. Where time runs out but conversation doesn’t. And where no Judgements are passed.

And there are the ones with whom I can spend an evening, over a cup of coffee (however badly made!), in complete silence.

To both sets of friends (and these very often merge!),  I just want to say ‘Thank you’ for adding Happiness to Life.

These days, ofcourse, I have a bunch of friends whom I’ve never met, but who read me, and always leave pleasant words, without ever judging me or my thoughts. Thank you, too, friends from Blog-samaj. I do hope I can meet you some day!

Happy Weekend, everyone!