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Oh Goody! – Shilpa Shetty’s USP

So! What guarantees success?

Perfect timing? The right product? Excellent marketing gimmicks? Or some really strong USP?

Marketing gurus like Kotler have written/spoken at length on this topic. And have come up with sound marketing principles. He talks about having the right product, at the right place, right time and with sound promotional tactics.

Today, I would like to present you with a Case study.

Ever since her time in Indian Cinema has come to an end, our great Bollywood actor (the victim of racial attacks, the ‘household name’ in Britain), the ONE AND ONLY Ms.Shilpa Shetty, has been taking the world by storm! In simpler terms, she seems to be raking in the money globally!

The brand ‘Shilpa Shetty’ has come of age! It is internationally recognized, and much famed/touted for various reasons, right and wrong.

Take a peep into some of the things she has been upto:

– The much in-vogue Yoga with Shilpa – I honestly do not know how much she believes in this science or how much she has mastered it! Nor her contribution (if any) to Yoga. However, she has skillfully taken over the role of Brand Ambassador of all things connected to, or even remotely connected to, India.

– Her range of fragrances was a success! I cannot believe why anyone in their senses would want to waste money on something associated with her! Is the NRI population so utterly devoid of its sensibilities, or is the western world taken in by her (lack of) charm?

– Recently, flagging off our Independence Day parade in NY! Isn’t this atrocious? She is NOT the Indian ambassador , and she certainly isn’t the face of Indian culture, BY DEFAULT. What continues to stun me is the utter stupidity of the people who selected her. Should the honour not have gone to a more deserving, nay – simply, a deserving candidate?

– And now – this – Curries! (P.S: If the curries are anything like her, I would rather scurry!) I cannot believe she is going to ‘invent’ curries! There are lakhs of Indian cookbooks and guides. (Btw, there is this really smart Indian cooking blog I came across the other day 😉 ) She and her partner (in crime?) announced the invention of new blends of spices!

– Its incredible, the way she takes full mileage of her famed racial incident with Jane Goody and uses ‘Jane’s memory’ to cash in on another opportunity! Poppa-dom! As if there aren’t enough Poppadom brands in the market already.

So! The brand ‘Shilpa’ is a success (if publicity/fame is an acceptable measure of the same). It is widely recognized, and rakes in the moolah!

And, all this, without having any sound or unique product or service (?! ;-))

She defies Kotler! She defies the principle of needing to have some product offering of SUBSTANCE to be able to sell it! In much-bandied about MBA jargon.. ‘she has made a paradigm shift’.

So its good news for all the wannabe successful young girls/lads out there!

Here is the NEW and IMPROVED secret to success:

You need a TUMMY!!!

Yes that’s what you need. A nice big tummy!

-You do not need first mover’s advantage.

-You do not even need a good product!


-All you need need is TIMING!  Time your launch after death of your so-called-tormentor, caching in on her memory! Like you have been the thickest friends ever.


– Next you need a USP. However shallow and silly it might be. 

Dear Shilpa’s USP is that she is hailed (well, mainly by herself) as a survivor!

Not of drought, famine or war (or even Swine flu!). But of a silly squabble between bickering Nautankeys on a Reality show. That catapulted her into a whole new global arena altogether!


Money (as always)! A rich business magnate boyfriend surely does help!


-And ofcourse, Mummy! Don’t ever forget that Mummyji will tag along with her gullible little girl as they parade all over the world.


Yoga! could one forget? It is the secret to tranquility and ability to think clearly. Plus, a BIG PLUS, its Shilpa’s key to beauty and success. Google it, if you want to!

So there! You have successfully whined your way to fame!

You really are an international heroine – no pun there! 

Goody goody, Shilpa! Your poor attacker is long gone!

But you still continue to haunt us 😦

(P.S: Kotler might learn a lesson or two from this young lady!)

(P.P.S: Reg. the ‘Y for Yoga’ – how am I supposed to come up with some fancy jargon with ‘Y’ of all the letters in the alphabet?! So, if you can think of an attractive Y-word, do let me know so we can give a logical conclusion to the TUMMY strategy 😉 )

38 replies on “Oh Goody! – Shilpa Shetty’s USP”

ROFL! At finding a comment before I could even post 🙂 Thanku Pixie dear ! Updated now, do read and leave your valuable comments.

Well said well said. I am amazed at how she is launching the Poppa-dum brand now. I mean, that poor girl who tormented her is long gone….
You should have seen the natak she did on that show…….

That was such an amazing piece of analysis!

And yes, you are right – It is amazing to see how she has become this popular in the UK! But I think people will tire of her soon – but then she would have made her money and moved on!

@ Shilpa: Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂 And also for sharing my thoughts…the poor Goody girl is gone, but this female continues to haunt us!

@ Prats: Thank God…so even the male population thinks the same of her, right?

@ Smitha: LOL @ ‘piece of analysis’ 🙂 Its more a rant of desperation caused by seeing her face everywhere! You are bang on when you say ‘by the time people tire of her, she would have made her money!’

That was a good read and something different from the rest of the blogs. See, even you wrote something on Shilpa Shetty, thats her charm 😉 I have never liked her and I dont know how the rest of them are finding her attractive 😀 😀

LOL! I know, Vimmu! I wasted an entire afternoon writing about her. But it was more on the CIRCUS that this is!

and you are making her more famous by putting her on your famous blog…..if she becomes internationally famous and I begin to recognise her, then u know whom to blame..:)

It seems like bollywood actors know how to cash in on small events. And I actually feel sorry for Goody more than Shilpa. What she has to see from above….Shilpa cashing in on her name…. Is this a tribute to Goody? I dont think so….but do you think she would be willing to give half of the profits that she might get from this brand and give it to Goody’s children. Anyway cool blog…actually theres more of these actors and celebrities cashing on small things that happens to millions of people on a regular basis but just because the media are ready to listen to them and not to the rest of us. Thats the difference….

you know, she is a very good businesswoman.
that’s about it. She has cashed in on her popularity in the right way at the right time!
She will make money and move on… 🙂

I do admire her brains though. She isn’t as dumb as she portrays herself to be with those fake giggles and laughs.
A very shrewd business woman. Just like Aishwarya Rai. Another intelligent lady.

good post there Pal, different side of”TUMMY’ 😉
I agree to Pixie’s last comment that SS is a shrewd business lady. she is not as dumb as she portrays herself.

😛 😛 classic!!!!!!! TUMMY strategy…….. 😛

I dont know much about the business women Shilpa……. 😛 but she is HOT!!!! 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛

but yeah, she has made max out of that racial incident……….

And she did everything after that reality show !!! otherwise she was lost and almost forgotten….. something like Phoenix ( I am too much na!! )

but everything she touched is not Gold see IPL 2.0 the top team which ‘she’ acquired …fared quite badly… 😀 so now she’s looking to salvage something from the Poppadums maybe 😉

@ Pushy: That was certainly not the intention 😉 and how sweet of you to think my blog is famous…you are a darling!

@ Samba: Thrilled to see you here! Finally 😉

@ M.R.: Absolutely! LOL, at feeling sorry for Goody. They are both nautankeys anyway 🙂 Brilliant question there, on whether Shila is willing to share the booty with Goody’s children! Ofcourse not! She is just a money-spinner, that’s all!

@ Pixie: True…she really knows how to rake in fortunes. And her laugh is irritatingly silly! About Ms.Rai, nay, Mrs. Bacchhan…what better move than that? I do think she looks beautiful, but I cannot STAND her cooing away with her new-found ‘Mama and Papa’. That really sucks. one thing I am glad about is the loads of weight she has put on. Cheap thrills 😉 😉 🙂

@ OG: Thanks my friend. But you find her HOT? Oh God! Save this poor chap!

@ SMM: I know! Totally! If only somebody would whisk her away to some remote place in Alaska! But then, she would plant her flag there as well.

@ Dmanji: Exactly! That reality show was her BEST movie, I guess. She acted out the role of ‘victim’ to perfection! Dramebaz!

@ Anirudha: Thank you! See, you are the only one who recognized the brilliance of this strategy! God bless you with a face-to-face meeting with Shilpa 😉 Btw, if you intend to put this strategy to use, do let me know when/where you find that rich boy(?!)/girl-friend 😉

@ Hitchy: Thank God you can’t stand her. Which makes me wonder, if none of us (aam junta) can stand her, then how the hell did she get so popular? She must have a very skilled PR agency working 48/7 !!

I am proud to be an Indian and also of our attribute
to forgive even all those have brought us disrepute
but also a big business in their name to constitute
ah! Can we question their business sense so astute?
Is it to contribute,or a tribute or a ‘con’ tribute :).

I think Shilpa Shetty is still okay. Cos’ even though her acting career has not done anything for her, at least she is doing all this other stuff.

But why are people like Mallika sherawat getting so much footage?

@ Swaram: I am putting my tummy (er, analysis) to good use, eh? 😉

@ PRG: That was BRRRILIANT! I mean, the ‘con-tribute’ 🙂

@ Pummy: Thank you, girl!

@ Miss M: I honestly think Mallika Sherawat is way better than Shilpa Shetty. My two cents : the former is a really hot ‘girl next door’ while the latter is a made-up doll with that really big mouth. Sorry for sounding mean!!

@ Arch: Not at all! Just that she whined her way to success 🙂

Pallu, did you see Mallika’s (non) dress at Inglorious Bastards’ premiere?

The lady has no substance. She makes Sarah Palin seem like a genius. Not to mention the kid she is hiding. Anyways..their life. 🙂

OMG, Soli. Thanks for telling! I just googled and saw that slutty outfit (I mean, with all due respect to sluts). She looked sick! The things people do for attention. Compare her to Aishwarya Rai (I think she’s incredibly artificial too) – Ms.Rai/Bacchhan was atleast dignified.

And what’s this on the ‘child she is hiding’. Looks like I need to do a lot of Googling today 😉

Oh no! Oh God! Somebody save us! They are going to pretend to be the new age Ram and Sita!! And the rest of the world will watch and laugh over the impression of India – bright gaudy colours, loads of jewellery, assets being displayed!! That is what bugs me.. INDIA IS NOT WHAT SHILPA and her clan PROJECT US TO BE!!!

As soon as Mr. Kundra’s divorce is final, Shetty-Kundra will rock the nation with their extravagant marriage.

SRK was just trying to learn a bit from Ms. Shetty on how to use racism to their advantage. 😆

Hey Pal, finally managed some time to drop in! 🙂 How`ve you been?
Well, about Ms Shetty, if you asked me what I think of her, I`d say that I dont think of her at all. I dont want to waste my time thinking of such lesser mortals. 🙂
But your post made an interesting read. I had no idea she flagged off the I-Day parade at NYC!! What were people thinking??I mean the organizers!

What about how she broke home of Kavita Kundra and Raj’s little daughter is without a dad now – all thanks to Ms Shilpa SHITTY. My blood boils when she goes “I want to be a mom”. And her looser frowning huby – always looking like a body guard…..

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