The true Bharatiya Naari @ Aap ki kachehri

I never watch Star TV. Its rubbish. Totally. And we don’t get Sach Ka Saamna yet, so there’s really no point in tuning into this channel. I accidentally turned the TV on, and this┬áprogramme was being aired: Bharatiya Naari\’s reward I watched, appalled at the casual way in which this guy…(Shall we just call him – The Polygamist – TP) admitted to having an illicit relationship with another woman, and also having a child with her. There he is, standing in court, with both women! This is what struck me:- 1- The polygamist – Ashok – Looked absolutely cool! He … Continue reading The true Bharatiya Naari @ Aap ki kachehri

Godawful Poetry 2009

Yay! Godawful Poetry contest is back again. Check the links to this wonderful contest here, here and here. Caferati is a vibrant place to be!! So! This contest is all about writing poetic form, ofcourse. I guess that comes REALLY easy for me. Btw, this was my first GPF contribution for this year: Yay! Its that time of year To leave behind all fear Rave and rant all we can GPF, I am your pankha (read: fan)! And my second: Response to Ozzy-ji- GPF # 2 Oye my dear Ozzyji, I very much enjoying Poetry! This GPF is full … Continue reading Godawful Poetry 2009