Mommy speak – Fussy eaters

Okay… most of you, my regular readers…are going to find this most boring! Still, I wrote it for an e-friend today, and wanted to post it here. You know, just in case some other Mommy needs it too.

So! This post for MOMMIES – who are struggling to deal with children who are fussy eaters. Here are a few tips that have worked for me and my child.

Eating is a task. A boring task, if you ask a child (well, most children, really). So try to make it an interesting activity for them. Nothing like a few shapes on the platter!! Examples:

a) Toast: Cut into strips and arrange it like a track or star or rectangle…you get the idea… something that your kid likes!
b) Chapati/Dosai: Again, make into numbers, alphabet, star-fish, eggs, snakes(!!), whatever.
c) Pasta: Try shaped pasta or tricolour pasta. Or serve it with a plastic fork, and see how your child enjoys eating by him/her-self.
d) Cheese: You could always roll a cheese-strip into a cylinder / cone, etc.

This works excellently most of the time. When I feed my kid, I either make him do some painting / puzzles / Aquadraw/ or resort to a favourite TV channel. Either way, it really helps, when the kid is focussed on doing SOMETHING rather than only eating.

Definitely helps when the child sees lots of colours on the plate. For eg, if you are making rice, add some chopped carrot, beans and peas, to add colour.

Try eating along with your child, and use a spoon/fork each. I think kids feel grown-up, independent and happy too. You would be happy too, if you could ignore the mess that he/she is making around the table 😉


While giving fruit (eg., orange), make it a fun counting game and hand out pieces of fruit while counting. That way, the kids learn numbers too.

As far as I know, the food also needs to be served at the right temperature, and not spicy either.

So that’s about it, really!

Mommy bloggers, do add your valuable tips.

And daddy bloggers, you could always be of help to the mommies, you know (not the ‘mommies you know’ but the ‘mommies, you know’ 😉 )

25 replies on “Mommy speak – Fussy eaters”

Wow! Practical suggestions 🙂

Reminded me of hw much Mom used to struggle to feed us too 😛

One thing though 😉 Kids to make their Mom don the innovative hats 😛

pal this couldnt have come at a better time…

monu hugs pal tightly for writing this post

i am struggling, Ojas is in a phase where he just doesnt eat anything, yesterday the whole day he eat 1/2 cheese slice and 1/2 fillet of fish and nothing else, no milk no cereal, no juice, no fruits


Apart from the shapes I have tried everything u mentioned and with my picky an fussy eater doesn’t work

I am going to try the shapes today itself

My daughter gobbles up chapattis, toast, cheese and pasta. It is the vegetables I struggle with! She starts off with no peas ,no sweetcorn no…

Now I make pasta sauces with all the veggies possible and puree it to get it down her throat 🙂
Do you have any tips to get the to eat veggies?

and BTW my younger sister was very fussy with veggies so mom had a trick

if she likes parantha boil, mash and knead it in the dough u can add a litle dal also to it

i do that to ojas dough this was whatever he eats has some nutrition

Hey thats a good idea..never thought of add dhal into parathas. Does it taste just as good (or better!)?

@ Miss M: Thank you 🙂 Its a pic of a beautiful swan (see little white blob) taking a swim in the River Thames! Hopping over to your blog now, to read the tag 🙂

@ Pixu: Miss M beat ya, but I can change the time stamp on the comment if you like! Hope Miss M isn’t reading 😉 Thank you for appreciating the tips, and hope its useful to u some day :-)))

@ Spamwarrior: Lol! My mom used to make Dosai in duck and house shapes. not that I needed any incentive to eat though 😉

@ Swaram: Oh I totally second that…kids really bring out the best (also the worst) in parents!!

@ Monu: You are most welcome, sweety! Please do try the shapes and let me know if Ojas was OK with them. Parents can feel quite helpless when kids don’t eat..I certainly do!!

@ Smitha: What a little darling, to not fuss about the main courses! Veggies go, my little one loves them, so I haven’t had any problems on that count. But then, I was a terrible veggie-eater myself. And my Mom quite gave up on me. Though, I think, she might have succeeded had she made it say, a peas necklace around a chapati/dosai shaped into a circle for the face. But how many hours can a Mommy spend on cooking/feeding?!!

Or, maybe mash them together, coat them with bread crumbs, and shallow-fry (or deep-fry, if you want) like Veggie cutlets?

Or, maybe add them into noodles or something.

P.S: I don’t think kids can digest sweetcorn, so maybe its OK to leave that out 🙂

@ Dman: He he! Ofcourse!

@ Soli: ROFLMAO!! Hate food? Give me something healthy and I can totally hate it! Like unsalted steamed vegetables, for example. Yuck! 🙂

SSooooooooooper header !!!! really !!!!!!!!!!

and geeeeeee… like father like son… my son has no problems eating anything……. but i can understand the plight of moms of fussy eaters… !!!

People like you, Vimmu, will have a good laugh at those of us who are struggling with the trials and tribulations of Parenting! And when your turns comes around, we will all gather in a circle and …. (you know… as you sow, so you….) 😉 ;-)!!!

@ Aniruddha: Thanks…and may I ask if this is relevant to your present or the future 😉 ?

@ PRG: Its always the Mommies who struggle with this. Am sure your wife is relieved !!

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