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My Name is Dog, Watch Dog!

Any two people living together or in close contact are bound to have differences. So why is a country with more than a billion people expected to be free of conflict?!

This statement from the US, on putting India on a watch, really irked me.

Coming to religious intolerance – Wars have forever been waged on the basis of Religion. Millions have suffered great losses, because some spark of anger burnt down their life!

But what really irritates me is that the Rest of the World is always picking on India, and show-casing our so-called ‘religious intolerance’. The slightest communal problem makes BREAKING NEWs , and is famously branded as an ‘anti-Christian’ or ‘anti-Muslim’ riot!

I am not a religious fanatic. And I definitely do not subscribe to the view that any community is a minority and is being ill-treated by the others.

Simply because of this ONE QUESTION: Are there not problems between people of the same religion?

Hindus – Forward-caste and backward-caste Hindus have always been at war with each other!

Christianity – Protestants and Catholics avoid each other like the plague. I know of a nice, educated family, where the boy REFUSED to marry another Christian girl, only because she was not Protestant!

Islam – Shias and Sunnis are all set to kill each other!

And this is in every part of the world, not just in India!

It is not like the US perfect? Or in watch-dog-related terms, must we say Purrfect?

Read this Wiki entry on how Africans enslaved in the US over the years, and how they are discriminated in every aspect of life. The average African-American’s income is significantly lower than the American’s income.

Is this not racial discrimination?

American Airlines went against international protocol and frisked Dr.Abdul Kalam. And they actually got away with a measly fine and apology. So, anyone can insult the former president of our country and escape by throwing doggie bones?!

Is this not a form of discrimination too? Would they have dared to do the same with a member of the Clinton family?

Here is an interesting article on ‘why we hate each other’. I have not read it completely, but it seems elaborate and informative.

The US is a country of racial discrimination, the so-called ‘developed’ country that started the economic recession, and one of the pioneers of the famous Swine flu!

This is also a snob of a country where Indians, who are internationally recognized are detained and interrogated, on the basis of protocol or security. The sad thing is, SRK will still want to pander to the audience there! Can he not muster enough self-respect to REFUSE to visit that country again? Sadly – not! Money and fame beckons!!

The whole world gapes at the destruction in Iraq, by the US and UK. This is however, called ‘self-defence’ and not ‘intolerance’, isn’t it?

So, who the hell is the US to pass judgement on the rest of the world? Is the US the self-anointed watch-dog?

The point is: The situation in India does not warrant the country to be put on a watch!

And certainly not by that dog, I mean, the Watch Dog called the US.

(If this post is long, well, by my standards atleast, full credit goes to the inspiration provided by Indygirl and the rest of the gang ;-))

16 replies on “My Name is Dog, Watch Dog!”

Totally totally agree!! Husband and I were just discussing how US is probably one of the most racially intolerant country!!! And to be put on a ‘watch list’ by them – is nothing short of ridiculous!

Sadly, we have given them ammunition in the form of Gujarat and Orissa..

As for the Shahrukh Khan episode, I don’t understand the logic – do they stop every passenger with the name ‘Khan’??? Or was this just to show us Indians that they have the ‘power’ to ‘question’ us by picking on Shahrukh?

I agree with you on this one as well.
The SRK episode, maybe there is more than what meets the eye?!
But, if its based on his name, then, that’s terribly unfair and unjust…

And, I agree with Smithus here,they are extremely intolerant, ignorant and narrow minded and paranoid!! 😀 😀

Happy Independence Day!! 🙂

The way these Americans behave is but a sign
their popularity as super power is on the decline
the barking and growling of this rabid canine
is only because we don’t show enough spine.

A very apt subject for the Independence Day
Happy Independence Day.

@ Smiths (Hope you don’t mind me calling you that :-)) – Very true.. US is so damn racial and they have the gall to brand every other nation only because they are more cash-rich! Or are they?? GOK!!

Regarding the SRK episode, the US has often done this sort of discrimination.. intentionally pulling up people of some repute, maybe just to show us that they truly believe Indians are only slumdogs.

@ Pixu – You are right about the SRK episode. It might just be quite a hype. But then, when US brands India as ‘intolerant’ to minorities, I think it serves them right, when SRK claims this was a racial move against him 🙂 Long live SRK!

A lot of news about communal conflict in India might only be a result of hype by the media. Nobody knows the true picture! Sad.

@ Ani – Irony, indeed 🙂 Thanks, and wish you the same.

@ PRG – Absolutely, and perfectly expressed. The rabid canine barks and bites only because we allow it to!

Happy Independence Day, folks! Let’s make sure we use our Independence to live a life that is worthwhile.

He he! Spoilt or Inspired? A million rupee question 😉 (See, I pointedly replaced $ with Rs.) Though, the ‘thanks for the info’ seemed sarcastic ;-))) Now, please don’t reply with a ‘Mmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmm mmmmm’ 😉 LOL!

True! The US of A is one of the most racially intolerant country along with its man friday… the UK.

Both go about behaving like the “World’s policeman”… when they have been the cause of all the problems. This farce called the “War on Terror”… initiated by these two self righteous nations… are a by-product of their policies and it can and will never end. ‘Coz if they do… the economies of these 2 ‘giants’ will crumble. They are totally dependent on defense equipment producing industries, you see.

Pal, we are equally at fault because we give the US too much importance. Our PM insists we love Bush, and then gets upset because Obama didn’t call him after the election results. We seek their approval and assistance in everything…….so why are we upset when they decide to treat us as we think we should be treated!

And why should we assume that some random US immigration official should recognise SRK and not follow procedure – even if his procedure is questionable? Wrote about it in my latest post.


Quirky Indian

precisely,Pal..US is no perfect whoever gave it the right to pass a judgement on others. You know US’s eternal policy of zero-tolerance to terrorism..the way it has handled it over the years has only aggravated the very core of the problem. So if the global situation is worsening today,the US is as much to be blamed

I would say why doesn’t any Big Daddies of the world have anything to say about China ?
You know because all their clothes, toys etc are manufactured by the workers in China…. thats what I call power … today US or any body doesn’t dare anything against China because China has the largest reserve of their currency… I think we can take a leaf out of the chinese book and “build” ourselves and believe me “our” population can actually become a big “weapon” against any economically strong nation …only we need to ‘put’ to appropriate use to the vast human resource pool we have….then we can see who puts whom in “Watch list”…

@ Roshmi: True…both the US and UK are to blame for the so-called ‘war on terror’. Like a teacher of mine once pointed out: The best example of an Oxymoron is ‘peace-keeping force’!

@ QI: I agree with the fact that we Indians need everything to be vetted by the US! And that’s because of our inherent ‘mai-baap’ attitude. We love to please the Gora log. Its disgusting. But is that any justification for the US to throw its weight around?

As for the SRK might be a gimmick, but this again is an example of us Indians always, ALWAYS giving the other person benefit of doubt. Why can we not, for a second, assume that this was an intentional act by the US immigration official?! We do WE justify THEIR arrogance? Hopping over to read your post right away!

@ Deeps: Definitely… the funding for all terror groups must have originated from the super-powers! And now its backfiring on not just them, but the entire world!

@ Dman: Absolutely! With the population we have, we can work wonders, but for that we need a teeny weeny bit of self-discipline and selflessness. The same Indian who keeps the city of New York clean would hardly hesitate to throw a piece of garbage on a busy road in say, Chennai or Mumbai!

@ Mish: LOL! About Bush. But then, as Mr.Singh the King has said ‘We love Bush’ (too)!!

@ IHM: True..we do give anyone but ourselves more importance than what they deserve. The ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ concept has gone way too far over the centuries. Thank you, for appreciating the Title 🙂

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