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Sugar n Spice

This was the name of a nursery that  my lil cousin went to about 20 years ago! The nursery has gone, the cousin is now married and in a different city, but this name…this name has just stuck with me all these years.

Reading Don Solilo’s post made me feel upset and angry, at the insensitivity and rudeness or people. However, I didn’t want to begin the weekend on a sad note.

So here’s a post listing some of the nicest things people have said over the years.

In other words…here’s some Sugar n Spice 🙂

– The first time I wore a sari at school – the official culturals day or something of the sort – I was this big built Std.X girl, clad (rather, bundled!) in a lovely peach Kora cotton sari – unsure of my gait. I was stumbling across the auditorium trying to find my friends. When, a tiny little girl of about 4 years walked up to me, and said ‘You look so beautiful! When I grow up, I want to look like you!’ And my!! I was flooored!!

– Over a decade down the line, I was this bumbling Project manager – in my first job…with no knowledge of the systems/processes or even the role I was supposed to be handling, and younger than everyone else in the team! When I left the organization after 2 years, my client (who had always been critical of me) said ‘We’ll miss you. Your knowledge has grown tremendously over the last couple of years’. I was thrilled, because this guy never ever complimented anyone! Btw, the ‘miss you’ was added by moi for some spice 😉

– Parenting has been rather tough. Equally rewarding ofcourse, but tough indeed. But I was THRILLED beyond words when my adorable little brat said this!

– And I felt incredibly grateful when I read this from Dmanji: ‘I had been to the indus ladies contest to vote for someone else but your entry bowled me over so in the end voted for you … I hope this entry wins …cheers’

So guys and girls, please do share some of the nicest things people have said about or to you. And let’s make a happy weekend 🙂