And the swine flew…

My head ached. My spirits were low. What with the constant media buzz on that swine of a flu, and rumours of ‘terror threats to India‘ and everything else!

I have been meaning to write a post on Swine flu, for the last couple of days, but just couldn’t bring myself to looking up links for factsheets on Swine Flu.

However, after a little meandering today, I eventually found the serious stuff here (UK) and here (India). Do take a look.


[Image courtesy: Prats blog and Twitter]

Also ensure you read the side-effects of Tamiflu here. It is said to cause suicidal tendencies! So beware. But if you do intend remembering me in your will, just let me know 😉

So! Why did I write this boring post today?

One, because I think its necessary to know the facts on this pandemic. We are all rather panicky because the media keeps reporting news of Swine flu-related deaths.

(As you probably know, this is just like an ordinary flu, except that you feel REALLY REALLY sick. And then, ofcourse, you must have treatment administered soonest! But otherwise, if all you have is a regular cold, then please do not panic. And do not waste valuable resouces.)

And Reason No.2 (the real reason) – to lighten the mood.

Confused? Read on!

The following is an excerpt – of people commenting on the Swine flu news on Rediff.

This is the original comment made by an anonymous brainy guy.

by paloalto on Aug 10, 2009 11:50 PM

all swines in india must be killed and burnt to ashes with immediate effect. no swine no flu. am dead serious about this solution.

And these are the various responses it evoked:

Response 1 on Aug 10, 2009 11:55 PM

What an IDEA sirjee..!!! No wonder, there are such brains still alive in dis country…!
Response 2 on Aug 11, 2009 12:10 AM

Should we gut all chicken to eradicate chicken pox?


Response 3 on Aug 11, 2009 12:44 AM

Can u give ur Number pls.

(ROFL! Wish we could hear the conversation!)

Response 4 on Aug 11, 2009 01:14 AM

Terrific..but save your skin as well…You have demaned for killing all swines..Mind it !!!

(Ouch! That backfired, didn’t it?)

Response 5 on Aug 11, 2009 12:08 AM

thank god this guy didnt suggest all tamils should be killed and burnt to ashes with immediate effects. no tamils no tamiflue…lolz

(Saved the BEST for the last :-))

Edited to add:

Another comment was from someone, asking Raj Thackeray to help, as he was ‘the only strongest man who could fight H1N1’!!! Will paste the exact text if I find it on the site again.

Read the entire post here (It features around the 20th comment or so, starting from oldest)

So yeah, I logged into Rediff quite poker-faced. But logged out, feeling a wee bit light-headed 🙂

Hope you had a good laugh too.

And do take care, my e-friends!


27 thoughts on “And the swine flew…

  1. ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! classic!!!!!!!! what a great idea and he was dead serious about it 😛

    hahahahahahahahaha 😛 you went thru the whole thread…. lemme also read it 😛

    anyways 😛 enjoy and take care…… 😛 this swine flu business is beginning to alarm me now…. with its proportions……………

  2. LOL!!! loved the post!

    made me laugh in the morning at work! hugs!!

    but, seriously, the kind of panic this influenza virus has generated is unbelievable!!
    What we need is proper awareness…

  3. Oh yes,Pallu..I had a good hearty laugh.. 😆 😆

    Loved the post..and noooo its not a boring post..its a hilarious one,if you take the links out 😀

  4. It was a nice post with the kind of headlines its always good have a laugh …..
    Yeah the situation is panicky … the WHO is predicting about 30% of Indian population being infected by the H1N1 virus in next couple of years…
    Sorry for turning the situation scary but what to do “WHO” says so 😉

  5. ROFL! What a title madam ji 😉

    N the rediff threads cn beat any comedy show 😛

    Nice idea that fella hs indeed! Shud be given Swinabhushan puraskar ROFL 😀

    1. @ Piper: Thanks 🙂 Glad you had a good laugh too. Kind courtesy: Rediff!

      @ OG: Seriously hilarious, right? Please do read it. Am sure there are more interesting comments today. I must re-visit too! And don’t let yourself be alarmed…just remember: Que Sera Sera.

      @ Prashanti: 🙂 Did you get to read the entire post on Rediff?

      @ Pixu: Totally second you on that. We really need awareness. Not some sort of ‘BREAKING NEWS’ that says someone succumbed to the flu. We need to know WHEN one needs to be tested and needs treatment.

      @ Deeps: Glad it made you laugh too, Deeps.

      @ Dhiman: Who knows!! 😉 Well obviously, a flu like situation is bound to last a season or two. Let’s just pray for some respite from everything that is plaguing the world today!

      @ Swaram: Fantastic..your ‘Swinabhushan puraskar’ 🙂

      @ Rosh: Kind courtesy: Rediff!!

  6. Pallavi, I never really knew
    and had absolutely no clue
    how you managed to subdue
    the scare` caused by the swine flu
    for that alone Merci beaucoup.

  7. ROFL!! Thanks for sharing this Pal 😆 😆 😆

    This is hilarious stuff! 😀

    it is anything but a boring post 😀

    to crack a PJ this always reminds me of the way someone says oh yeah! when pigs fly 😈
    and then Kislay’s(another blogger) reply on Sraboney’s post about how swine flew! 😆

    please dont kill me for PJ’s 😛

      1. @ PRG: Most welcome 🙂 Humour is indeed a Joie de vivre! And btw, Technology is so advanced, that the Computer automatically generates Gravatars that are apt for the blogger 🙂 So you better upload your own Gravatar before any more Monsters appear 😉

        @ Indy: Thanks girl! Ofcourse I’ve read Kislay..he rocks!! Will hop over to his blog now. Please only let me know which post it is? And, glad you read the serious stuff too!

  8. Ha..ha..ha.. Pallu, trust you to come up with something light for this situation too. Love your title.

    Rediff posters have a field day at comments section because there is absolutely no moderation. Or is there? I don’t know because most times I have read some really nasty and useless comments and fights.

  9. What we need to do is burn all the newspapers, not swine, or Tamils. 🙂

    I’ve come to the conclusion that reading the paper in the morning is the worst thing you can do to yourself. Worse than a cold or a cough or a raging fever.

    As for TV news, switch off.

  10. OH

    How can such people exist?!
    I almost fell off my chair laughing at his comment and the subsequent ones. But yes, we all need to be careful. A few of my friends had already gotten the swine flu but they’re all fine now.

    1. @ Soli – Thanks 🙂 Rediff does seem to have moderation but in a very retrospective way. Almost like a post-mortem!!

      @ Banno – Totally agree with you on that. We really need to burn the papers. The media should have given CLEAR directions on WHEN to get tested. I remember NDTV listing out criteria like cough, cold, running nose, sore throat. And not the important conditions like high temperature and vomitting/diaorhhea (can never get this spelling right!!). No wonder people are panicking. And the more they queue up at Govt. centres, the more they are at risk of contracting the virus!

      @ Shas: No probs…its courtesy Rediff 🙂

      @ Miss M: Glad to know your friends have recovered. The media never reports such news, right? Its always the Negative news that makes Headlines! Positive news never ever leaves the portals of one’s home!

      @ Mon: Thanks! And thanks also for sharing the link to Prat’s blog. That was a real riot :-)))

    1. @ Mayuri – Absolutely! The comments run into pages, and some of them are hilarious, while some are outrageous, and quite a few are abusive. Still, its free entertainment anyway 😉

      @ Prats – Thank you! Ofcourse I will visit … your blog is amazing! Infact, will blogroll you right away, so that I don’t forget 🙂

      @ Aniruddha – Thanks 🙂

      @ Pushy – Indeed 🙂 Did you also read that request from someone to Raj Thackeray?

  11. LOL, rediff has the best comment section. I always open their forums for laughing out loud. Thanks for reminding, theres another comment forum which I guess I should upload it in my blog. So crazy that is !!! 😀 😀 😀

    1. Right!! Some of the arguments over there are so utterly childish!! Takes me back to my school days, when we used to call each other ‘…you stupid…’ or ‘…idiot…’ :>

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