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One of my favourite things…

…is this beautiful song, that reminds me a great deal, of one of my closest friends from my MBA days:

I’d only ‘heard’ the song earlier, and didn’t know who John Denver was!! Yeah, I know, I really am Duh! But I do know now, and methinks he so very cute! A pity he isn’t alive anymore. I also read somewhere on the internet that he died in a plane crash. Isn’t that some irony?!

17 replies on “One of my favourite things…”

Pix: Yeah..totally!!

Miss M: Now you’ve said it, I really have got to Google ‘Annies Song’ asap.. thanks

Vimm: Oh please do take a look and upload in your golden voice Happy Friendship day to you too, buddy!

What can I say about John Denver
his songs like arrows from Arjun’s quiver
never miss to pierce our ticker
it is sad all good things don’t last forever.

I don’t know whether you have listened to my favourites which I have uploaded on my blogsite. There are a close to 100 olden goldies. Think you will like it.

I was introduced to John Denver by my friend in High School remember an Ad. about blind child which used to be aired in Doordarshan featuring John Denver’s ‘Sunshine on shoulders’ and ever since Denver’s one of my favorites …I listen to him quite often…

@Miss M: Know what? I googled ‘Annies Song and then realised I’d heard it earlier but just didn’t know that it was called so! Thanks again..for helping me add another gem to my limited collection 🙂

@PRG: Thank God Music does last forver..even if the singer doesn’t!

@Yuva: Cool! Another nice one.

@Deeps: Glad you like it too 🙂

@Soli: Thanks my friend.

@Dmanji: He’s amazing, isn’t he? Btw, which ad is this, on DD? I don’t post a link if you can.

whoa girl! what have you done to the blog? The retarded moron that I am, I`m finding it a lil difficult to navigate my way through :):)
Well, if you`re new to John Denver, do listen to ‘Annie`s song’. Its a fabulous one.
Leaving on a jet plane brings back some happy-sad memories too.
Denver has always been amongst my favourites. The G thinks he looks like Martina Navratilova!! 🙂

@ Miss M- Thanks, changed the template…I was getting a lil ambitious and tried the 4- column one..obviously it didn’t go well 🙂

@ Piper- Hey, my fault..shdn’t have tried that template. Changed it, hows this one? True, Annie’s song is so soul-stirring, isn’t it? And Martina Navratilova? ROFL! That’s not too fair, still is funny 🙂

OMG, I don’t know ! Infact I learnt to add that RSS widget only last week! Will have to find out 🙂
And yes, Annie’s song is indeed soulful 🙂

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