55-er Incidents Short story

The joys of a shopaholic (55-er)

‘Going shopping!!!’ she exclaimed.

It was a good two hours when she returned. She was beaming. Loaded with shopper bags from the ASDA sale. Jeans, Perfume, Shoes!!!

She sipped her coffee languorously, savouring the breeze that blew over the Thames.

Her smile suddenly disappeared. It was her neighbour. Returning home with dainty bags from L’occitane.

30 replies on “The joys of a shopaholic (55-er)”

I am sure this 55 -er must be taken from your real life !!!! 2 hrs???? are you kidding me ????? its like suicide !!!!

I loved the ending; that indeed came as a shocker !!!

Pal: He he…indeed this is a figment of imagination, inspired by true life 😉 Have I confused you enough?!! ROFL, at calling shopping ‘suicide’.

It is true,our happiness goes down the graph
making our face lose that enchanting laugh
coz the neighbour has something that we don’t have
making us less like the grain and more like the chaff

Pal: 🙂 Perfect and so very apt, as all your verses are!!

🙂 🙂 🙂

I did go shopping yesterday and gearing up for another day of doing just the same!!!
With my husband being out of town, its just perfect!!!!! 😀

Pal: Yay Pixu! That’s the way to Live Life King Size. Keep shopping, girl! You deserve all the retail therapy possible 🙂

Oh.. just 2 hours.. this person seems like a fast shopper.. i mean all the shoes, jeans, purfumes and all that too form a sale.. back in 2 hours..

now i am sure its fiction.. 😉 😀 😀

Pal: Totally agree, Oorja… 2 hours shopping is nothing for a girl! And that too from a SALE! The way to shop is shop aisle by aisle, irrespective of whether you need anything from there or not. And finally, you leave the mall only, and ONLY when your legs begin to ache and you have covered every aisle!

Again a Template change !!! that too to a 3-column one looking nice…
As for the 55-er it was a good one…inspired from Life I guess 😀
BTW a ‘he’ will never have such a problem … will ‘he’ ?

Pal: Thank you Dman! True..inspired from Life itself. But then, its categorised under ‘Fiction’ 😉

I love the template!
Nice 55-er! I swear you could’ve written that about me!

And yes, your tag is coming up soon! Have already started on it. 🙂

Pal: Thank you, Miss M. He he, the 55-er holds true for any blue/red blooded woman 😉

🙂 excellent! such is life I guess…we always tend to base our own happiness on what others have or dont. Strange, isnt it? That we hand over the reigns so easily to others..

Pal: Absolutely right, Mish. And you said it ever so beautifully. Thanks!

LoL! I’m going to go against thes guys and say 2 hrs isn’t enough. 😛 😛

The endings is too good. 😉

Pal: That’s my kinda girl 🙂 Thanks, Badz.

Hilarious,Pal! I could visualize her jaw drop expression upon seeing her neighbour 😀

And really,do you think 2hours is good enough?? 😉

Pal: ‘..jaw drop…’ is the PERFECT description of the scene, Deeps. 2 hrs – most certainly not enough for a real ‘she’!

loved your page,Pal and your name pallukutty 🙂
Blogrolling you rightaway. Will be looking forward to reading you more often 🙂

Pal: Thank you so much Deeps. But how did you find out the pallukutty? Does it appear in the Comment link or something?!

wow this post hit home 🙂 beautifully said pal

i agree i agree i agree

Pal: Thank you, Mon. See, guys just don’t understand these sentiments! You gotta read Hitchy’s post, see link above, if you haven’t read it already. Scared the hell outta me!

@ Yashada – Thank goodness it wasn’t you, or I’d have ransacked your place by now 😉

@ John – gotta be a shopaholic or atleast a woman, to get the drift of this one 😉

@ Shubha – Thank you so much! And yes, women are the same everywhere! Here’s to women’s solidarity!!!

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