A non-post…

Is it a ‘Bowl Full’ or a ‘Bowlful’?

Who cares!

It was Rasberry Swirl ice-cream,

…A ‘BIG’ bowl-full!!!

Have I reached Heaven yet?


Edited to add: OMG, OMG. Haagen Daas Cookies n Cream is miles better!! Thank you Sanyash!!


13 thoughts on “A non-post…

  1. Finally it went to the stomach only.

    So it should be ‘stomach-full’.


    Pal: LOL! Let’s not think about ‘what happened after…. 😉 ‘

  2. You went ahead and took the bait
    one bowl-ful of Rasberry swirl you ate
    time to think of losing the extra weight
    and not about where to hyphenate.

    Pal: ROFL ! That was wonderful, or in the present context, maybe I should say ‘delicious’ 🙂 Yeah, will wipe the dust off the treadmill now!

  3. You went ahead and took the bait,
    one bowl-ful of Rasberry Swirl you ate
    Time to think of losing the extra weight,
    and not worry about where to hyphenate.

    Thought I’d try,
    To give a fitting reply…
    ‘Not sure if I’ll hyphenate
    But might just hybernate!’

    1. It was surely a fitting reply
      and as sweet as an apple pie
      but I think you will not deny
      that hibernate is spelled with an ‘i’.


  4. this post is full of dwesh….

    trying to spread jealousy…

    P.S. : It works damn well… pet mein dukhe to its me… remember !

    Pal: Grrr… Can send u a cone if you like!

  5. ya, seriously…what on earth is this ???

    Pal: Not on ‘earth’ Vims, this IS ‘Heaven’. Try it. Try it. Try the Rasberry Swirl!

  6. Same pinch! Except, for me it was a tub-full! Of Hagen Daz Srawberries and Cream Ice Cream! You and me will be pigging it out in hell someday!!

    Pal: LOL! Pigging in hell, with friends, sounds good too!

  7. You must be in Heaven Girl!!! but a “heavy” person like me would need a ‘bucketfull’ or a ‘drumfull’ to reach heaven …. 😉

    Pal: The more the tastier! And the more the merrier too 🙂

  8. Pal have you ever heard the Bong pronounce ‘Haagen das’? Then you’l know why i never go anywhere near it. it cracks me up 😛

    Pal: Oh not heard that one, Supps. Pliss to enlighten, pliss!! It would start my day on a good note 😉

  9. now I surely regret not planning my transit properly..to visit you..

    Pal: Please do visit again! More flavours introduced for summer 😉

  10. Sach mein! who cares? Ha..ha..ha.. as long as it is yum..yum..drool drool. yum.yum.. or is it yummmmm? 😆

    Pal: Oh Sol! You are indeed my partner in crime! So nice to hvae friends like you 😉 It was YUUUUMMMMMM 🙂

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