A little secret

A secret that even I wasn’t aware of, until this evening.

I took sonny out for a small walk, with my lovely co-sis and her son. A simple visit to the shoe-shop. And I couldn’t handle it! I just couldn’t.

The roads were TERRIBLY busy. Swarms of crowds everywhere. Incessant traffic. And the awfully sultry weather. Sonny  and I are so used to pushing around his pram that walking – under these circumstances – was an ordeal.

And just as we finished our expedition, a stray dog came up to us. Yeah, he really did, and kept circling us for a few minutes. I was dumb-struck. Because I didn’t KNOW what to say! Must I say ‘Shush…go away’ or must I say ‘Shoo..po po (meaning Go!), or must I throw a stone? Must I carry my little boy? Or must I just pray!! I seriously didn’t know.

Because its been 4 years since I saw a stray animal! Or since I walked on a one-foot-high footpath, that wasn’t even continuous along the side of the road.

Coming home to Chennai is like coming home to Chaos. The same ubiquitous organized chaos, in which I have spent all my life.

And I realised, that unfortunately, in the last 4 years, I’ve become a stranger in my own hometown!


P.S: Which is why I am on a tiny blog break. Life is just tooooooooooo busy out here!


15 thoughts on “A little secret

  1. There are things that make you frown
    and others that make you feel let down
    but this place also wears a crown
    of being Pallavi’s home-town.

    You have just seen a stray animal. Wait till you see stray people.Welcome to Chennai

  2. PRG: well said… ” You have just seen a stray animal. Wait till you see stray people.Welcome to Chennai ”

    Pal, girl welcome back to India but it isnt too bad… isnt it 🙂 and dont react too much to the strays usually they are nice animals dont say anything till u provoke them

    Hey now that u are in chennai any plans to come to the near by town Blore 🙂

  3. You are here in India?:) that was quick 😀
    I thought it will be some time before you pack your bags and meet your family and friends in Chennai 🙂
    enjoy yourself!

  4. Spamwarrior- Thanks…how come (you haven’t seen strays!!)? Do u not live in Hamara Bharath Mahaan?

    PRG- Awww….that was sooo sweet! Thank you :=) Are u in Chennai too? This is the thing with Cyberspace, right? We never know whom we would bump into and in which part of the world!!

    Monika- You’re right..it isn’t too bad..guess its only a question of settling-in-time!! He he, visiting Blr is definitely on the cards because we have a swarm of relatives there. And now you too 🙂 Will surely mesg you if we plan something.

    Rameez- Don’t scare me 😦 But thanks for dropping by 🙂

    Sol- Yeah, certainly am, and sonny is having a ball!

    Indy- Am here…am here alright!! And where are u?

  5. Thank God u mentioned Chennai because ‘strays’ only happen in Asia …I guess…as I have never seen them in the “western world” and talking of hometown every year when I go to ‘my’ hometown here in India itself I feel like a stranger at times 😀 …. It’ll be more fun for your boy when he grows up a little and comes back…..anyways enjoy ur stay and be safe 😉 as the ‘strays’ seem to have forgotten u 😛

  6. SMM- He he…Going around Chennai is an ordeal in itself..travelling up North would be … ahem… but thanks a ton for your invitation (I quite happily assumed it was one ;-)), and I will surely take it up some day 🙂

    Dhiman- Yeah me too.. and my lil one is sick already…diaorrhea (oh what a horrible spelling, that!!) but he is having a whale of time playing with the cousins.

  7. ya.. stranger in hometown– I had this realization during my last trip… it took 15min to cross the road since i was waiting for vehicles to stop for me to cross

  8. The last time I was in Chennai it took me 15 min to cross the road next to Ega theatre…14 min and 50 seconds laughing at my road-crossing skills and 10 seconds to cross :))) But you know what? After the initial shock, I fell in love with the place all over again…the chaos, the smells, the roadside stalls…hmmm…looking forward to my India trip…

  9. Totally identify with that too, Ganga. The moment we got into the cab (from the airport), I felt like I was back on home ground. Just that this crowd and heat are unimaginably killing! When are u here? And how do we meet up?

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