Friendship- the Best award of all times!

I started blogging so I could keep my brains in working condition. I had NO inkling that I would make such wonderful friends in Blogosphere!

Every time I do something, or see something interesting, the first thing I can think of is to put it up here for you to read!!

I am so glad when you read my posts and leave such wonderfully kind words.

I am equally glad when you point out the yucky templates I sometimes choose 😉

But most of all, I am so glad that we are friends!!

If we do ever meet some day, in the real world, I don’t think we would be ‘strangers meeting for the first time’.

Dhiman has awarded me with this lovely Friendship Blogger award. Just two months into blogging, and Dmanji is already making waves in cyber world!! Cheers to that!!

Blogger Friendship Award

And I would like to hereby pass on the award to my dear friends and readers.

To dear friends who faithfully spoil me with compliments on my work:-
Barath (see, I even got a blogging-bro!)
Little Pixie

 To my friendly neighbour, who brings a lot of Life into real-life !

And my soul sister from cyberspace

And to the other brave male champions out here…


And a Toast to my latest friends in cyberspace:
Mystic Margarita


And to these really brilliant writers, whose work I read and then shrink into a shell :-)))

Quirky Indian



(OMG, that linking business just took me AGES, half a packet of tortilla chips and half a bottle of cider!!!)

Without your encouragement, I realise I really am nothing at all. So thank you, guys and girls, for being my friends.

(P.S: If I have missed out anyone, kindly refer to my blogroll and collect your award :-))

Edited to add:

Thank you Mon and Roshmi for passing the award back to me… I am now doubly blessed 🙂

20 replies on “Friendship- the Best award of all times!”

Pallavi, Thank you so very much for the kind words actually You are ‘one’ of the inspirations behind my blog … I am learning a lot from here like 55er etc …I hope I can touch the blogging hieghts with friends like you around…

Congratulations Pallu! You deserve every bit of it and also Thanks for passing the award. As soon as you put it here, I will grab it. 🙂

“I am equally glad when you point out the yucky templates I sometimes choose .”

Ha..ha…ha.. that was a hint at me. Hai na? 😆

(((hugs)))coz you are so darn generous with the award 😀
even for me?
thank you so much:) I am glad too that I got to know of you and about you through all the words that you share here 🙂
may those awards keep coming to you! 🙂
Happy writing! 😀

Yay! I get one more award!! 😀
But, seriously though, you totally deserve it, you are an awesome person and an equally awesome friend…
You write well, you have a way with words and there’s this amazing connect… 🙂

Dhiman- Wow, that is way too much of a compliment for an amateur like me. Thanks a ton 🙂 ANd good luck!

Spamwarrior- Thank you too!

Sol- Managed to upload it today, please do collect! Ha ha ha, you are one smart woman (about the Template stuff ;-))

Indy- Ofcourse for you. You are a really cool gal! Very pleased to know you.

Pix- Awww…thank you…sniffles!

SMM- Most welcome, buddy. Its a friendship award, after all 🙂

Barath- Most welcome, Barath. Baby driving me crazy , or perhaps its the other way round 😉

Arch- 🙂 Hope Jun’s on the road to recovery!

Am I too drunk or is the world doing tricks on me?
Is that me who has been classified as a brave male champ? Nah, it can’t be. Else you would have told me about it. Also it does not link to my blog.
Or is it real? nah..
Maybe it is.. nah, it cant be..

Salil- That was a typical Salil comment. Ofcourse you are a brave male champ..aren’t u? And I’m so sorry about the (non)linking…didn’t realise it until now… will rectify immediately!

I don’t know how I missed this post, considering I visited posts about your TV stardom and prize-winning ways!

Thank you very much for the mention. It’s nice to know that someone else thinks my writing is brilliant. I thought I was the only one with that view. 🙂


Quirky Indian

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