Topping the Topic @ Helium

Girls and Guys,

I am thrilled that my post ‘How to make the perfect Mother’s Day brunch’ has topped the list of articles written under the topic by the same title @ Helium. Do check out:  to read the entire article. (Please do ignore the similarities to my Art of Making Chapatis and Simple Steps to making Semiya Payasam).

The thing with Helium is, members rate articles themselves, so the situation is always fluid. However, at this point in time…well, for the last half hour almost, people have liked my article the most. And I am so thrilled about it. Did I say that earlier? Sorry.. but I really am excited.

And once again, thanks for always encouraging and motivating me to write on!



12 thoughts on “Topping the Topic @ Helium

  1. and BTW regarding ur question on blogrolling feel free which ever blog u want both if u want too 🙂 pleasure is mine

  2. SM- Thanks a lot! And welcome aboard.
    Ganga- Thanks dear buddy. Waiting to meet u in Chn!
    Pix- U really deserve a prize for putting some sense into my head about the template. Thx! Reverted to the previous one, and going to stick with this for some time!
    Mon- Thank you so very much! Also for the point about template. Going to blogroll you right away 🙂

  3. hey pallavi

    Its been ages since i checked out any blogs! Just went though yours and as usual you have amazing write ups! It was fun reading your blog.

  4. Dmanji- Thank you so much!
    Ritu- Oh that’s not fair! Guess they are intimidated by the Phoenix already 😉
    Shweta- Glad to see you back. Checked your blog a couple of times, and then thought you had done a vanishing act 😉
    MM- Thank you very much.

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