Health and Fitness – Tips to feel fantastic!

–          First things first – I want you to wake up at the first ring of the alarm clock. Sit up straight, and stretch out your right hand. Slam the alarm down, and GO BACK TO BED. There is nothing more refreshing than a good night’s sleep. Sleep as long as you can. Until someone rings your door bell, or your child cries, or your MIL bangs the door. Whatever it is, do not sacrifice on your sleep.


–          Your facial ritual – Talking of fruit masks, don’t pay a dime in the parlours. This is what you do: Take equal portions of melon, banana and pear. Chop into decent sized pieces, add a pinch of sugar and salt, and run it in the mixer. Have you got a nice concoction of a lovely pastel shade? Now take a deep breath, and drink it in a single shot. Yummmmy! Feeling better already?


–          Choice of clothes – This is extremely important. You have to dress well. Because people are watching! So pick up the shirt that is easiest to iron, press it well. It is crucial that you do not ignore the final crease that the damn iron leaves on your neatly pressed shirt. Re-do that bit for sure, and you’ll feel confident. See, you really start by taking on the iron-box first to start with.


–          As the day proceeds, you are bogged down by work and politics and meetings and conferences. The tip to survive all this is: stock up on tiny chocolate bars, fruits, milkshakes and stuff that you enjoy! Everytime you feel stressed, pick a bar, take a walk. If you want to not gain weight, just hand over the bar to someone you think is equally stressed. You lose weight, and you win friends. Two birds with one stone, right?


–          When the clock strikes 5 or 6 or whatever time it is that you are supposed to leave office, make sure you shut down your computer immediately and make a RUN! For your bus or car or whatever is the mode of your transport. Run like you are running for your life. You are guaranteed to save atleast 20 minutes that way. You can use the time to read a book, or soak in the tub, or cook, or even better, shop!! Or simply do nothing!! (I remember the good ol’ days when I had a career! My asst. would send me an email at the dot of 5. Impressed, I would go out of my room to discuss the data with her. But she would be nowhere in sight! She was probably already half way down to the station!! How she managed to send that email and immediately shut down her comp and disappear – all within a matter of 60 seconds, is a complete miracle to me, even till this date!!).


–          On your way back home, make sure you have either some music or a book. Without either of these, it’s a pure waste of travel time. Utilise the time to relax and unwind.


–          Again, when you reach home, RUN to the loo, and freshen up real quick. Now grab a big mug of coffee or juice or whatever you like and energise yourself. Ignore your child asking for a toy, or MIL asking you to chop some veggies. This is YOUR time.


–          Now that you are refreshed, do dedicate the next couple of hours to home sweet home. I am sure everybody missed you dearly while you were away at work. Playing with the kiddo might be a great stress-buster. Working with MIL might just charge you up. Store all that energy to lash out at your competitors at the work place or elsewhere. If not, there’s always the unsuspecting hubby who returns home at the end of day 😉


–          Ok dinner time. Eat well, but not heavy. Have a balanced diet of carbs (rice/pasta/chapatti/etc) and proteins (lentils/dhal/eggs/etc). Try to not eat sweet stuff, or you will end with more cavities than teeth in your old age!


–          Drink. Water, or cider, or whatever you like. Just to keep the fizz in life.


–          Try to get the MIL to put the kid to sleep, so you can enjoy a romantic late night movie 😉


–          Sleep when you can’t keep your eyes open anymore. And have a good long night’s sleep.


17 thoughts on “Health and Fitness – Tips to feel fantastic!

  1. “On your way back home, make sure you have either some music or a book. Without either of these, it’s a pure waste of travel time. Utilise the time to relax and unwind.”
    Yep – that’s must!! 😀

    All the points are so valid… I do most of them, except stocking up on chocolates… 😀

    And running to ctahc the bus, trust me on this one – leave 10 mins early. Do not look at your boss’s direction and do not say bye to him!
    just leave.

  2. Watch WWE or some other suitable athletic program, cheer loudly while watching T20, Clap and applaud. It is sure to rev up your metabolism, exercise your lungs and uplift your mood.

  3. Pix- LOL, at ‘do not look in the direction of your boss’. So now I know what happens at your work place ;-)))

    Ritu- Brilliant tip, that! I totally agree… wonder why I didn’t ever think of that!

    SMM- Thanks buddy, and thanks also for the suggestion. I just put it there.

  4. Excellent tips. Except that, ignoring MIL so much may result in her throwing a tantrum. Or lucky you if she stays out of your business as well !! 😀

  5. Feel good tips you’ve given us nine
    methinks each one will work just fine
    follow these and you’ll have no need to whine
    not even for the deadly flu caused by the swine.

  6. Urmi- He he, do you think ‘not ignoring’ will ensure a ‘cheery MIL’ 😉 ?
    Braja- Thanks for returning the visit 🙂 By MM I meant Mad Momma.
    PRG- Wow, another gem from you, Sir! Thanks, it was lovely!! Funny too.

  7. loved this 😀
    though have to say staying with mom doesnt exactly make me qualified to comment on all the points 😛

    the running poart as someone up there said will take some getting used to 😀
    coz running and me? 😀
    hasnt happened yet..doesnt look like it will happen anytime soon
    but will try for sure 😀

    Good Night 😀

  8. Anu- Oh, I thought you were off blogosphere, as I only checked your fiction blog. So good I know you are here now. Thanks a lot for visiting, and do take up that tip on RUNNING when its closing time!
    Indy- LOL @ Running. Am sure you will do it too. Staying with Mum can be equally frustrating sometimes 😉 Women are women afterall! And that includes me with a Capital M!!!
    Sol- Thanks buddy. Gone back to the old theme now, due to public demand 🙂

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