Biggest ever compliment

Since I bombard you with my various rants, I thought I must share something happy too 🙂

It was quite windy, but I wanted to take sonny cycling, for atleast 10 minutes while before the sun set for the day. So I got him ready first, put him on his trike and snapped the seat belt into place. As I got ready myself and was about to wear on my shoes, he suddenly looked at me, and said ‘You’re the coolest, Amma’ !

I am sure he has no clue of what it means. He must have just seen something on TV.

Still, this undoubtedly, and most most certainly, is the biggest ever compliment of my life!! I am so grateful!! Thank you, Rishi baby.

14 replies on “Biggest ever compliment”

Thank you so much, Ladies! Oh yeah, he sure is a charmer. He does something naughty and immediately stretches out his arms for a hug!!

Yuva- Kool and not Cool eh? Cool! I mean, Kewl 😉

Anu- That’s a brilliant idea. Will scare the wits out of him when he’s 16 :-))) You haven’t been blogging for ages. All Ok?

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