Incidents Short story

Made it to the Top Ten – Thank you!!

Hi Everybody,

Thanks a million, for taking the trouble to vote for my short story (submitted for IndusLadies Mothers Day contest)!

I have made it to the Top Ten. Yippee! Thanks again.

The second round of voting has started in full swing, so I need your help again.

Please cast your precious vote at


(Ofcourse, in favour of my entry: ‘Pal of Crocodile Tales’ :-))

as soon as you can!!

The original story is here, in my blog, its called ‘Nanny Maa’.

Thanks a lot, in advance.


(Phew…now I understand why Indian politicians are all so corrupt… campaigning for votes is such a difficult job, therefore the poor guys are forced to resort to underhand methods ;-)).

19 replies on “Made it to the Top Ten – Thank you!!”

I know Pix. I am 4th now, and there are only 3 prizes. So u guys really need to work harder Hee hee!! And what do u want? Just email the list & your address to me. The pleasure will be all mine, whether I win or not 🙂

Thanks a lot, Ritu. Btw, who did u vote for? Naughty question eh? Don’t bother to reply :-))

Pal, I already saw the list even before coming here and voted for you but the vote didn’t go through due to some error. I tried couple more times in vain.
Let me try again. You deserve to win.

Congratulations for making it to top 10! Earlier I had voted for Monika and you.

Sol- Thanks a ton, but I think u can only vote once :-)))
SPW- Thanks lot to you too 🙂 Going to blogroll u now, may I?

Dear Pal,

How difficult it is to look after small kids! especially in a play school; Well done Reema!

Well done Pal;

Shanpagam Raman

Mummy!!! What a lovely surprise to see your comment. Thank u so much, and thank u Vidhya, for showing my blog to Mummy. Made my day. See u soon!!

Sending you this message here since I dont have your mail id. The score board at Indus Ladies is now open for viewing. Do round up your supporters. Poll ends at 10 p.m. May the best Mom win


And sorry that I didn’t vote, was just caught up here! That I couldn be regular in the blogville! Well, read the story that was such a warm read,,, Kudos to you akka!!!

Yay! I received the parcel from Indus Ladies, and as promised it contained a very pretty T-shirt (lovely violet shade – my sis wore it the next day!!), a good quality cap and a little letter holder. Thanks IL, and thanks dear voters 🙂

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