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Empty Nest – sight u in the distance!

A couple of weeks back, my 2.5yr old wanted to go cycling (though he doesn’t use the pedals but only walks it around!) and resisted every time I tried to hold on to the parent-handle.

Then I thought, may be he will learn only when I let go.

So I did.

And he didn’t learn.

He would steady himself at the tip of the slope (at the building’s garage). Then say Ready-Steady-Go, and GO. He would lift his two little feet off and bend down, to see himself racing down the slope. And he would whoop with joy!! He even fell twice, flat on his face.

None of that would have happened if I had held on to the handle. He wouldn’t have fallen. And he certainly wouldn’t have had so much fun.

So yeah, I think we do have to let go of our kids at some point of time. I just wish it came later… a long long way later and not when he is just 2.5 :-(:-) (Is that an appropriate smiley for a ‘mixed-reaction’ ?!!)

(Inspired by Dhanno Banno’s post).

15 replies on “Empty Nest – sight u in the distance!”

🙂 Beautiful!

At times only when we let go, they learn things and emerge stronger. It is tough for us parents like the time when mine smiled and waved at me on her first day to school and I was in tears.

Thanks, Sol. I think I wrote the same on your blog earlier but was too lazy to put it up here then. But what irony .. Peanut (what a cute name!!) smiles and Mommy cries :-))) I wonder how our parents let go with so much grace.


beautiful post… though, no kids yet, I do strongly believe we need to let our kids go and let them fall, have fun and make their own memories… 🙂

Ahhh, as one who has been there, experienced that …. you gotta let go or they forcefully push you away! And you gotta let go … so that they drive you around when you are ill, and they become pilots and automobile engineers. Sigh! It still causes a twinge of pain ….

Not a mom yet 🙂 but its hard to imagine ever letting go of lil ones…and cant imagine how my parents did it with me and my bros….

there is a beautiful quote you know on the same…
we can give two things to our is roots and the other is wings…
:)lets see how much I bawl when I have kids of my own 😀

Thanks a lot, Pix, Supps and Banno.

Ritu- Now that’s something to look fwd to 🙂

I loved the quote Indyeah! Thank u.

Awww…can’t say anything much, except that parents are really strong people!! And I hope you call them every other day 🙂

You say a lot in so little. Its delightful. Can relate to your feelings here…letting go, seems more about letting go of your fears surrounding that person, rather than the person himself.

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