55-er Short story Thought and Reason

The Golden Jubilee (55-er)

She was bold and intelligent. He was rich and charming.

They met by accident. Got along like a house on fire. Got married in a hurry.

On their golden jubilee, the children popped champaign. ‘The secret of your marriage?’, they asked.

‘Tolerate’, said she.

‘Ignore’, muttered he.

Balloons burst. The party ended early.

14 replies on “The Golden Jubilee (55-er)”

Thanks a lot, girls (assuming Spamwarrior is one too :-)).
Thanks for appreciating the new look.
And yes, the undercurrent of the post was certainly sad. Ironical, if you want to hear it sugar-coated.

The secret of togetherness for years
is to close your eyes and shut your ears
and so she doesn’t really mind his beers
and he learnt to tolerate her tears
it is also my story and I can hear some cheers
for we are married for a dozen and half years.

Nic template 🙂

Cute story too. I’m yet to try my 55’er though. i’m tryign to figure out how to restrict myself to 55 words when I’m so used to writing looooong briefs 😛

Ally- Thanks buddy.
PRG- You’re the verses man! Lovely one, that. So you’re heading for your Silver Jubilee?
SMM- Thanks for appreciating the template. 55-ers are too easy, esp. for a lazy bum like me!

They tolerated/ignored each other for 50 years? Uff, too much ! 😀 what a story pallo, u are fab at 55-ers ! Where do you get all these ideas from?

Tiku- Thanks a lot. Coming from you, that means a lot to me.
Urmi- Are u pulling my leg?!! But yes, I think unlike the Western countries, there are loads of families in India who just pull along because separation is just not an option!

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