On life and all…

Sometimes we crib endlessly

About not having

all the things we could possibly have!

Until one day,

what we do have is threatened.

And then we realise

That in all its incompleteness,

life really was beautiful!


10 thoughts on “On life and all…

  1. Absolutely! That often strikes me when in the midst of our hectic lives, someone falls sick and then everything stops and we are once again reminded of the really precious things in life and the frailty of it all

  2. Ganga- True…so true! Sometimes the mundane is such a blessing!!

    Yuva- He he! No wonder you are a happy-go-lucky guy.

    Spamwarrior- Thank you 🙂

  3. We always grow up with a habit
    of ever crying that we don’t have it
    till we realize our credit are more than the debit
    and that even a full circle has a limit.

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