Goofy stuff – TAG

Hey Everybody,

I had a shaky tooth last night. And suddenly remembered something that happened decades ago. We were all at our cousin’s place, enjoying a summer holiday, when a tooth of mine fell off. The cousin – a little older than I was – told me a dark secret. That if I were to bury the tooth in her garden, a tooth plant would grow there. And guess what? I did plant my tooth there. Unfortunately, they had to dig up the garden the next year in order to extend their house. Or else…

So here’s a tag for you – pliss to share some of the goofy stuff you did in your childhood.

Merry weekending!!

Thought and Reason

On life and all…

Sometimes we crib endlessly

About not having

all the things we could possibly have!

Until one day,

what we do have is threatened.

And then we realise

That in all its incompleteness,

life really was beautiful!