Humour Incidents

Chakka China

Rishi baby: ‘Chakka la la.. Chakka China’

Me: ‘Huh? What the hell is that?’

Rishi: ‘Want to see Chakka China’

Me: ‘What are you blabbering?’

Rishi (continues ogling at Deepika Padukone): ‘Where’s she gone? I want to see Chakka China!’

Me: Finally realise he’s getting at Chandni Chowk to China! Duh! Can’t understand sonny boy’s feelings.

10 replies on “Chakka China”

aww Rishi is soo cute 😀 chakka china is a hilarious interpretation !!!! Samarth knows couple of B’wood stars like ShahRukh and Abhishek Bacchan 😀 and his current fav track is Jai Ho from Slumdog; he can keep hearing it on repeat continuosly !!!! 😛

Pix- He is a big-time fan of all pretty girls! He has this strange clandestine Chinese connection 😉 Always smiles at Chinese girls here!!
Urmi- Thanks 🙂 Interesting, how these kids are so much like adults in likes/etc. no?

Solilo and Piper- He’s all of 2 yrs and 5 mths. Today he saw Kareena on TV and said, matter-of-factly: ‘Chaliya!’

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