Time and motion

I have been so busy lately. Busy doing nothing solid. Yet, busy. You know how it is. There’s things to clear, mess to clean, chores to be completed. Which is why I haven’t been able to post anything for the last week or so. However, there is something I’ve discovered. And it is this:

‘Time flies when I browse the internet at will,

But stands still when I am on the treadmill!’


22 thoughts on “Time and motion

  1. Ally- Thanks, partner!
    Piper- I’ve now taken to reading a book while on the treadmill. Though I end up reading between the lines!
    Shankari- Thanks, also for letting me blogroll you.
    Supriya- Aaahhhh…40 mins of massage..must be heaven!
    Quirky- Hmmm..makes me wonder if there was a tinge of sarcasm in that 😉
    Shail- Thanks, for your ever kind words.

  2. Ritu- LOL, as always 🙂
    Ganga- Thanks…
    Barath- LOL, ofcourse it wasn’t profound, but glad you could identify with it.

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