Holi Hai!

That lovely parrot green,

The purple of a royal queen!

A sprinkling of golden yellow

A dash of turquoise below.

The colourful, intoxicating fusion

Suddenly created confusion

And made me realise,

That it wasn’t awfully wise

To wash together,

all those new clothes!!!

Fetch me a stain-remover,

before I receive a dose!


20 thoughts on “Holi Hai!

  1. 🙂 Happy Holi to you too 🙂

    And what a splash [pun intended!] of colour is here!
    All awash too ! Sorry, am a bit corny and punny this morning 🙂 🙂
    Hope you had a great time!

  2. Ally- Thanks, and wish you the same. He he!
    Urmi- I can always fwd it to him 😉
    PRG- That was cool! Or should i say ‘hot’ ? 😉
    Ganga- Thanks for your generous compliment(s). Ofcourse I am not a poet. What started out as another 55-er turned out into a bit of forced rhyme so readers wouldn’t get bored 🙂
    Usha- Whoa! That was really cool! Wish I could think of something brighter to say!
    Kavitha- Thanks, buddy! And happy holi.

  3. Solilo- Thanks and hope you had a great time too! We didn’t quite celebrate here..too cold and a rented apartment, so can’t afford to splash it with colours 😦
    Piper- Thanks, buddy!
    MM- Thank you…esp. for the honour of blogrolling me 🙂

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