55-er Awards Short story

First love (55-er)

They gathered around, roaring with laughter. She flushed, as the tyre went flat when she mounted the bike. “Not my fault!!” They guffawed louder. As they wiped their tears, she spotted him. Watching disapprovingly. His thick crop of hair waved above the deepening furrows on his forehead.

She would be in love with him, forever.


(Shortlisted as a finalist for a Sulekha EYC contest. This is what the judges had to say:“…captured everything in such a neat and small package”)

16 replies on “First love (55-er)”

Viji- Thanks for sharing the link. Will check it out sometime.
Usha- Thank you so very much 🙂
Piper- You almost got me!!! But thanks, again!
MM- Thank you too!
Pixie- Thanks, and please do share the name of the book. I’m in a book-reading-frenzy so would love to grab hold of any nice book (preferably easy-to-read ones!)

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