On dieting

Today, as I solemnly complete the 7th and final day of the well-known GM Diet, I am thrilled to find that I weigh a few kilos lesser than I did earlier. Therefore, I am going to celebrate this achievement.

‘Hello? Is that Pizza Hut? One Veggie Supreme with extra cheese, please’.

9 replies on “On dieting”

Piper- it works for just that week, and you gain all the weight back when you return to your normal food. Infact , I tried it 5 years ago, while trying to impress hubby! The diet didn’t last beyond that week, but the efforts did ;-)) (well, atleast until we got married!!)

But surely, if you have set 11th as the target, I think running/exercising 20 mins a day will help much more than this silly diet.

So, what do you think?

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