55-er Short story

The Promotion (55-word story)


‘Everything’s screwed!’

‘Please Sumit, talk softly. Daddy’s awake..’

‘So? The last year has cost me my promotion! Look at his hospital bills!’

‘Click’. The lights went out in the next room.

Daddy slid the sepia-toned photograph beneath his pillow and smiled. ‘1974 -Sumit was born. Missed my promotion. But I couldn’t be happier. Thank You, God!’

29 replies on “The Promotion (55-word story)”

Thank you, LLs (lovely ladies). This wasn’t any contest..just came across it on someone else’s blog (forgotten which one!) so gave it a shot. But yes, this is sad and true, and very common these days. We don’t have time for our parents any more!

Barath, I am really glad that this family-background story has got me a bro 🙂 Thanks.
Shweta, thanks a lot.

Thanks a million, LLs (Lovely Ladies), for identifying with and appreciating the story, and for your very generous compliments.

Solilo, yes, this does hurt. Unfortunately, this is where most of us are heading to. If we can be more caring (to our parents), that would be wonderful.

reminded me of that movie with amitabh and hema malini…cant remember the name though…like somebody else said..sad but true…hopefully not for long!! 🙂

Thanks Arch…which movie is it ? Trying to rack my brains too!
MM – Thanks for your visit and your kind words too!

Hey Roopie, glad to see u here! I know..we really missed meeting each other that day. What with R being ill and all..I didn’t even help u with the restt. reservation. Still feel awful about it 😦 Am sure there’ll be a next time 🙂

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