1930’s marital scale

Stumbled upon this test




As a 1930s wife, I am

Take the test!

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at Roop’s blog and thoroughly enjoyed taking it. As I can see, there’s tremendous scope for improvement!!


10 thoughts on “1930’s marital scale

  1. Well, I scored ‘Poor’. At least, not ‘Very Poor’. Some of the questions were really funny, weren’t they?

    ‘Expresses delight in marital congress’

    ‘Goes to mother’s house too often – spoilt child’

    Thank God, I’m not a wife in the 1930s, is all I can say.


  2. LOL! I agree, some of the ques. were so amusing. I’m thinking of taking the quiz again, as a hubby this time, to see what it is, that men were expected to do in the ’30s. That’d be interesting.

    Btw, I am sure I’d have scored ‘Very Poor’, if ‘Spends too much time on Internet’ were an option :-))))

  3. Babe! it’s way too big a test!!! 😀

    I first thought that I will try to take the test and then come back and comment on what kind pf wife I was… but lost my patience someway mid-thru! 😀

  4. LOL! I also think the test is very inadequate. How about things like, replenishing groceries, cleaning house, doing dishes, etc. This should appear for both hubby and wife! Unfortunately the test seems a little skewed and a teeny weeny chauvinistic! But it was fun anyway, wasn’t it?

    Why don’t all of us make our hubbys/boyfriends take up the test? That would be fun!

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