My best Valentine’s message ever!

I finally hear you utter,
The words I never thought you would..
‘I lub you, Amma’


22 thoughts on “My best Valentine’s message ever!

  1. Awwwwwww….reminded me of 3 yr old sohan. When sonu was practicing his magic words, and I said, “i love you, mone” i was greeted with a “you are welcome, amma!”

  2. Roopa: Thanks..I’ve been trying Haiku for a short while. U must chk my blogroll for ‘Autophony’ – that guy Ozzy is just great!!

    Pix and Solilo: Thank you so much..just that the little brat said the same thing to a friend who had just dropped in that evening! And he hardly knows that kid ..phew!

    Ganga: How totally cute 🙂 Kids and their personality.

    Banno: That’s a good idea..will do! Thanks!

    SMM: Hmm…that’s a very bleak possibility..but I’d still enjoy it 😉

  3. Anj – Thank you so much…lovely to have you here!

    Piper – Thanks…this little guy does such interesting stuff that I’m wondering if I should open a new page to describe his antics 🙂

  4. Chhoooo chweeett…..really true Pallavi, these lil ones r so interesting sometimes just cant stop interacting with them the same way as they do :). Best is to have fun than cribbing about it right? hey have you read how to be a happy mom?

    1. Barath: Thank you, and you’ve been off radar for a long time now, get back to blogville!

      Rashmi: Thank you! They really are sooooo interesting. Its tough too, ofcourse, but priceless feeling being a mom 🙂 No, I haven’t read that book, will look for it in the library next time, thank you 🙂

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