Humour Short story

The ‘first-night’ dialogue

‘Shhh…What are you doing?’
‘Nothing unusual…considering it is our first night!’
‘This is against the law. I mean, custom!’
‘Law? Custom? What rubbish! You got to respect basic instinct, honey.
She giggles.

‘I’m so tired, Pavan. Greeting those thousand guests with a plastic smile! jaws are stiff!’
‘Okay…but I hope you aren’t too tired to…’
‘To…ahem…you know…’

‘Pavan, stop that!’
‘Stop what? Doesn’t everybody do this? I mean, am I infringing on someone’s rights here? Is this violation of the law?’
‘No BUTs, this is a perfectly natural reaction..a raw necessity, if I may say so!’

‘Think of this – what if someone hears? There is, but a thin wall between our bedroom and your parents’.
‘Right! And they’re probably doing the same thing.’
He smirks.

‘Pavan, you really need to stop now.’
‘You didn’t mind before we got married!
‘That was different. It was the start of our relationship…everything you said/did was exciting/amusing’.
‘So What’s changed now?’
‘Nothing..its just rather uncivil’

‘What the heck, Malathi? This is getting too far. I mean, this is all your parents’ fault.’

‘Yeah, they set the menu for our wedding function! They ordered all those puris and biriyani and gulab-jamoons and ice-creams! They are the cause for my eating too much and having this stomach upset.’

‘That’s enough, Pavan. You really must stop farting now, or all you’ll get is the couch! Good night.’

Defeated and deflated (well, literally!), Pavan sulks away into slumber.