The new year started off with a bang! Really! Apart from the job cuts happening in London, we also had a totally unexpected power cut (which means, no hot water, no gas, no microwave, no light, no heater…nothing!) followed by unprecedented snowfall last weekend. What with all this, and a thoroughly enjoyable visit from my parents (forget the part where my mum was stranded at Heathrow airport, with hardly any cash, and no phone- for almost an entire day!), I was too tied up to do things!

It was only yesterday, that I managed to get back to my old routine. That is, the ‘doing nothing’ routine (as Winnie-the-Pooh would say). Got back to Orkut, Yahoo and blog-hopping. Met a close close friend on Yahoo Chat, and reminscing about college made me feel young and enthusiastic. So I decided to clean the house and begin my workouts (ugh!!). And guess what, the treadmill doesn’t work. Its too cold and wet to go for a walk outside. And I’m far too lazy to workout indoors. So here I am, my fingers doing all the exercise they can on the keyboard.

Have a good weekend, all!

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