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Is this Indian culture?

This news made me sick, scared and furious.

– The Sena(s) full of self-proclaimed moral policemen…where were you while this sickening incident took place? Beating up more modern girls at a pub? Or busy at home, reproducing legitimate chauvinistic sons? Is this – rape of a 2-year old baby – part of accepted norms in Indian culture? If you have the balls, go and get the man who did this crime. Bobitt him in public, and protect our culture and our children.

– Dear media – NDTV and the likes – Congratulations ! You have just got one more ‘breaking news’ to flash on our TVs. Barkha and her colleagues can interview the grief-stricken family and humiliate them even more trying to get them justice.

– Raj Thackeray and your coterie – is the child a Mumbaikar? If yes, you can help her find justice, no? If she isn’t from Maharashtra, well, the less said the better.

We cannot get more sick or perverted or fanatical than we already are.

4 replies on “Is this Indian culture?”

may be Iam too much of an optimistic…
we(india) are better than bangalesh, srilanka, nepal, pakistan, burma..thailand or most countries in asia/africa.
don’t go with 24hr news events.. sensational news mostly bad news gets rating and talking points.

the day when india won cricket series.. indian hockey won against germany (awesome match).. OSRO realize new images of moon.. govt funded project to make 10$laptop for childs/education makings debut but all we here is cricket and about gal in mangalore…

always there is more news than 10page newspaper. and somebody make decision what to publish/snow and his/her decision is mostly based on self interest (for money or politics)

Despite being an independent, democratic nation, we are MILES and MILES away from ‘that heaven of freedom’!

I like your optimism, Yuva! And I agree with the influence of media/others in what news is telecast/sensationalised, and what news drift away as quiet snippets.

Ugh… Barkha Dutt. What can she do? She’ll go up to a grief stricken widow and ask her – Aapko kaise lag raha hai…

And she is lauded. Ah – vanity…


I find it funny. These ludicrous no-brainers actually think culture can be defined by dictionaries and written down in a book of dos and donts. How appallingly, confoundedly pathetic. Typically sums up our *enforcers of law*…

High time it gets into our heads that culture transcends the very meaning of our existence. It dates back to aeons… And is unique. You do not write down your culture… You make it… With a legacy of action. Of inhabiting…

And these loafers call themselves custodians of our culture? Hogwash!

Peace. Have a nice day.

Hey Karthik,
You’re right…these loafers use ‘culture’ as a shield for their immoral acts! Keep writing.

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