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Change our National song

Firstly, for those of you who think ‘Jana Gana Mana…’ is India’s national song – ‘No, it is not. That is our national anthem!’. Our national song is ‘Vande Mataram’. 

Today, I was trying to teach my son ‘Vande Mataram’. I am rather embarassed that I didn’t know the full text myself, so I played it from Youtube. It sounded so beautiful.

Then, I looked up the translation from Wiki. It was astounding too. Just pasting the first stanza here:

My obeisance to Mother India!
With flowing beneficial waters

Filled with choicest fruits
With Sandal scented winds
Green with the harvest
O mother! My obeisance to you!
Ecstatic moonlit nights
The plants blooming with flowers
Sweet speaker of sweet languages
Fount of blessings,
Mother, I salute you!

Isn’t this beautiful? I mean, a beautiful bunch of words? This is poetry at its best. It made me weep. Weep, BECAUSE THIS IS NOT THE INDIA OF TODAY. Our national song only rings HOLLOW.

India is not rich, not beautiful, not pristine, not amazing.

India does not have flowing, beneficial waters. We only have fights between Tamil Nadu and Karnataka over common waters.

India does not have sandal scented winds. We only had a solitary Veerappan hiding in the sandal forests, while goons disguised as politicians loot our country.

Ecstatic moonlit nights indeed – a two-year old girl gets raped at night. Well done!

Sweet speaker of sweet languages – Of course. The kerala chief minister uses the choicest of languages while talking about a martry’s family.

Mother, I salute you – Sure! We salute you, and we molest your more modern daughters.

This is the India of today. A country, full of perverts, morons and fanatics.

We cannot change our country. But we can change our national song, right?

We need a song that resounds with themes like child abuse, sexual assault, ethnic clashes, political quagmires, poverty, inequality.

Perhaps a westernised Bollywood song like the one from Slumdog Millionarie would do the trick. Portray the real India, and show a bleak ray of hope for the future.

Mebbe we should make ‘Jai Ho’ our national song.  Mebbe comedians like Raj Thackeray and Nirmala Venkatesh could replace Dev Patel and Frieda Pinto, to give it a more realistic and authentic touch.

Jai Ho!!

Incidents Thought and Reason

Is this Indian culture?

This news made me sick, scared and furious.

– The Sena(s) full of self-proclaimed moral policemen…where were you while this sickening incident took place? Beating up more modern girls at a pub? Or busy at home, reproducing legitimate chauvinistic sons? Is this – rape of a 2-year old baby – part of accepted norms in Indian culture? If you have the balls, go and get the man who did this crime. Bobitt him in public, and protect our culture and our children.

– Dear media – NDTV and the likes – Congratulations ! You have just got one more ‘breaking news’ to flash on our TVs. Barkha and her colleagues can interview the grief-stricken family and humiliate them even more trying to get them justice.

– Raj Thackeray and your coterie – is the child a Mumbaikar? If yes, you can help her find justice, no? If she isn’t from Maharashtra, well, the less said the better.

We cannot get more sick or perverted or fanatical than we already are.