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Ram and Sita

The news is everywhere!

The culprit: Educated young girls

The holder of justice: Goons and barbarians

The crime: Drinking alcohol

In a country where devotees of Shri Ram must worship Sita in her various forms, goons such as these thrashed girls in a pub in Mangalore, in broad daylight. The public and the media lapped it all up, for their share of flashing ‘BREAKING NEWS’ on every TV in the nation. We watch, as helplessly, and as much in horror, as we did the 26/11 attacks in Mumbai.

And what is the difference between the attacks? Nothing. Both are a complete breakdown of individual morals and humanity, and a real shame to the countries involved.

Knee-jerk reactions of arresting 10 men and leaving the rest to a ‘everything is under control’ public statement are a complete eye-wash. The men who attacked (and the parents of these men – for the kind of culture/values they have given them!), must be guillotined.

Didn’t someone say ‘India is a mosaic of cultures’?

This mosaic is so cracked and tainted, that there is no redemption in sight.

– A terribly disillusioned Indian woman