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Profound thoughts..a revelation

…and here’s something that I never, ever, thought of, even in the most distant realms of my mind…‘The soul IS different from the body’. This is something that even the most enlightened of souls take a whole lifetime to realise.

And who taught me this? My 2-year old child.

He was extremely busy, playing when he suddenly got stuck in a corner of his toy car. I watched as he struggled out. He finally made it…dusted his hands, mumbled to himself (as a matter-of-fact), “‘Thank you, R” and walked over to the next toy.

And I gaped at little R’s most innocent and incredibly profound statement.  The disclosure of his knowledge, about the Soul being a different entity from the Body. To a child, he/she is no different than his parent/sibling/friend. He/she knows, that the self is above all this.

I am at a complete loss of words to say anything more on this subject, entirely due to my ignorance.

But one thing I can vouch for is, children are divine. For sure!

9 replies on “Profound thoughts..a revelation”

Sure they are! There are times when Nandan totally stops me in my tracks with one of his deeply profound statements! And he would say it ever so casually, as though that was an ever so obvious thingie…

Thanks, Pixie and Ganga. Kids sure are incredible! The sad part is that as we grow up, we start losing our belief in ‘magic’ and therefore life becomes difficult. I wish, we could remain kids forever!

Child is indeed the father of man. That was Wordsworth’s pet philosophy.

On a lighter tone, did R really know the subtleties of a soul and a body? Children do address themselves as a different person. It might be more of an instinct.

Children so have a way of inadvertently opening our eyes to the facts of life, don’t they? And the lovely part is the matter-of-fact-way they do it and the sense of awe and wonder which they leave in their wake…

Oh is it something in the wind over the Thames. We both seem to be philosophysing(another word I just made up!) about souls and such. I just wrote something along the same lines pn my blog…then came here for updates and was very amused to read ur post! What is it with us mums of 2 yr olds?:)

Bw, i can imagine exactly what Rishsi mustve said…he does it so often and so cutely…the adressing himself bit.

That is really interesting …Dr APJ keeps telling that we can really can learn most from Children or by becoming one…

The problem with us we “know” too much that we are not keen to learn

PS: Do we a see a philospher in the making in Mr R…and belated Birthday wishes to you too.

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