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Constant Change, and an anchor in turbulence

‘Change is the rule of nature’ – The Bhagavat Gita

How many times have we heard that Change alone, is constant?

As we rapidly outgrow innocent childhood and move into complex adulthood,and lose our baby fat to make place for hardened larder and cholesterol, most of us also leave our homeland in search of greener pastures. And every day, every year we see change. We are innundated with material comforts and are left gasping for a breath of fresh air. We see money and clutter all around, but are left yearning for that elusive inner peace.

I too, have seen a bit of turbulence over the last five years – crossing seas, witnessing and experiencing recession, stepping into the threshold of motherhood, etc.

The silver lining is, I have (contrary to the saying in the Bhagavat Gita), found something that has indeed remained constant  all through these turbulent times.

‘Kkasauti Zindagi Ki’ !

I turned on the TV last night, and found this Kk soap on air. Choosing between Naya Don and this wasn’t an easy task. Both were equally agonising. However, it had been ages since I saw Kk, so I decided to give it a shot. Just to catch up on the story, you know.

And guess what? Nothing, absolutely NOTHING had changed!

Prerna (the protagonist) is a grandmother now, but she still looks like she is in her 30s. The same open tresses, gaudy chandelier earrings, bejewelled sarees, and the same irritating expression of anguish and hope on her same-looking face.

The same situation, of an ex(lover/husband/what have you!)-turned-villain trying to expose her ‘raaz’ (secret), and in the attempt, unwittingly reuniting her ‘parivaar'(family).

The most antogonising part however was, that the camera showed the SAME dumbfounded expression on each face on the screen, with jarring sound-effects every time the shot switched between the protagonist and the ‘current’ villain and back again, EIGHT times in FOUR seconds. The extras (hubby calls them ‘tea-bun’, meaning, they play insignificant roles and idle around with a cup of tea and a bun!!) are also paralyzed with ‘shocked’ expressions from various angles and in various stills and replays.

The scenes and situations are the same, the actors are also the same, despite taking leaps forward in time. The jewellery and accessories are the same. Infact everything is the same as it used to be when the soap was first aired on TV.

So you see, ‘change’ is not always the rule of nature. Ekta Kapoor defies this logic. It is certainly not absurd that a ‘dadi’ (granny) still looks like a ‘didi’ (sister).

And everytime there is a change in my life…like staying at home after losing a job, or trying to settle down into foreign surroundings, there is something I can fall back on. I only have to tune into ‘Chaahat ke safar mein…. and I am instantly cheered up, as I feel like I am back to the good ol’ days! The cheer just seeps through the long-lasting headache that the soap leaves me with.

The gist of this post is, Change may be constant, but with a stabilizer like the Kk soaps, there isn’t much need to worry!


16 replies on “Constant Change, and an anchor in turbulence”

LOL! 🙂
So true… most of the prime-time soaps are like this only…
So, I don’t watch them!! Freezing the camera on the agonized faces and commercial breaks take up more than 20 mins and the remaining 10 mins will have some bizzare story to narrate!!

And somehow if you watch any soap, chances are you will not be ale to tell which one you are watching. I once remember watching one o two- I don’t remember if they were at the same time- but there was not difference- expression, story, dialogs, the names maybe, but who pays attention to trivia

I loved it. You connected Bhagavad Gita and the soaps so wonderfully :). I wish I had something to lean back on like that. Anything to make me feel at home – even a soporific TV series will do.

Good point! So whenever one is overwhelmed with stuff, mindless and never ending soaps do provide solace. Never knew Ekta was doing such stellar social service

Heh Heh….when we moved houses, it all seemed strange and new till the moment the television was switched on. Then it felt like HOME!!! Sigh….the things we get ourselves into!! 🙂

Pix: Absolutely right about the commercials et al taking up a majority of the time, but thanks to them, for having us watch less nonsense ;-))

Ganga: Thanks so much! The only time I’ve ever philosophised is during the Moral Science exams at school 😉

Allytude: Welcome to my blog, and thanks for your comments. I swear, all the soaps are uncannily the same. LOL, about story and dialogues being ‘trivia’ :-))

Roopa: Thank you! Very glad that you liked it. And just tune into any of our Indian channels, you’ll be transported way back in time!

Kavitha: Thanks a ton!

Ritu: Absolutely, Ekta has bestowed us (non-Malabar-Hill audience as she calls it) with so much glamour (read: gaudy stuff) to fall back upon in times of trouble. Strange that the Recession hasn’t affected her!

Arch: LOL, you made me feel better by just sailing in the same boat 🙂

Yuva: Read the article and agreed with it one hundred percent.

Thanks all you wonderful friends, for your comments. I gotta go now, to make dinner for my Parivaar before Ba gets too hungry!! LOL!

hahahha – now I know why I don’t miss the indian channels much (except for the likes of sa-re-ga-ma et al), but would have loved to watch them at least for comic value.

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