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New Year Resolutions and more

I am never one to make resolutions. I find it utterly silly. As if a New Year means anything. Well, until now, that is.

Last night, as we sat hogging Chinese food at a friend’s place, I suddenly realised I was seated amidst 25-year-olds. And I was ..ahem.. just beyond 30! So, as I sadly realised that I was halfway through Life itself, I resolved … to LIVE each day with enthusiasm and gusto.

So these are a few of my resolutions:

-To DO some of my favourite things…be it shopping or exercising (heh, who’s kidding! That’s NOT one of my favourite things!!)

-Invest in good clothes to seemingly look fit

-Buy some mini-chandelier earrings, in the hope of looking younger than I am 😉

-Feed my sonny boy with tonnes of good books (toys and strawberries too)

-And finally, give away lots of stuff in charity

Aah…that’s enough resolution for one day, I suppose.

Pliss to share yours…..

Cheers..and a Very Happy ’09 to all of you.

– Pallavi

10 replies on “New Year Resolutions and more”

1. To live as enthusiastically as I always do
2. Fat is not necessarily bad … so I will stop agonizing about it
3. Travel
4. Bungee Jump …. LOL yeh zyada ho gaya
5. Cheese and chocolate are health food – stock more of ’em
6. Hang around till I am 60 and then get married 😉

Hi Pallavi,

Some of mine:

1. Be more disciplined as far as reading and writing go
2. Try to get fit (maybe drop a size 🙂 – I have been trying 2 do this for 2 years now)
3. Have fun – live life!

No such resolutions! but, here are a few things that I owuld like to do every year!
1. Smile more, be happy more, laugh more
2. do a bit of charity
3. blog more
4. meet up with old friends
5. see some new places

It’s great to see some fun resolutions..Am still smiling after Ritu’s resolutions..Way to go girl!!!
Pal, do let us know how those Mini-Chandelier earrings work out…Maybe your search for the perfect C earrings might just provide you with material for a rib tickling post…Fingers Crossed!!!
🙂 🙂

ROFL Ritu, on your 60-resolution. Loved it 🙂 So there IS something to look forward to in the latter part of life !!

Thanks, Shweta, Pix and Rekz for sharing yours.

Rekz, that’s a cool idea…will try :0)))

ok.. looking younger is beyond us. so i always owe to feel younger i.e means act silly and be stupid n foolish..))

wish your little cute man at home, keeps you free enough to act on those resolutions..;)

Happy 2009 and beyond.

LOL, Yuva. Acting silly comes naturally to me ;-))) Thanks for ur wishes. We ended ’08 by watching one crappy movie (Rab Ne…) and continued into ’09 with ‘Muniyandi’. Yuck!!!

Blog hopping and landed here!!!

Thirty doesn’t mean that you cant enjoy little things that life has to offer!!!! And may all your resolutions keep working throughout the year and come true…

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pal: Thanks, Barath. And wish u a Merry New Year :-)))

I actually promised myself a dance lesson atleast this year.. as you said the year seem to flash by .. Best of luck on the resolutions and happy new year again!

Pal: Wow…dance lessons sound great. Rock on!

My new year resolution was not to make any. But I still made one and broke it on the same day! So no point in describing it here 😦

Pal: Roopa, I think the ones we make to break are the most popular. So, pliss to share 🙂

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