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New Year Resolutions and more

I am never one to make resolutions. I find it utterly silly. As if a New Year means anything. Well, until now, that is.

Last night, as we sat hogging Chinese food at a friend’s place, I suddenly realised I was seated amidst 25-year-olds. And I was ..ahem.. just beyond 30! So, as I sadly realised that I was halfway through Life itself, I resolved … to LIVE each day with enthusiasm and gusto.

So these are a few of my resolutions:

-To DO some of my favourite things…be it shopping or exercising (heh, who’s kidding! That’s NOT one of my favourite things!!)

-Invest in good clothes to seemingly look fit

-Buy some mini-chandelier earrings, in the hope of looking younger than I am 😉

-Feed my sonny boy with tonnes of good books (toys and strawberries too)

-And finally, give away lots of stuff in charity

Aah…that’s enough resolution for one day, I suppose.

Pliss to share yours…..

Cheers..and a Very Happy ’09 to all of you.

– Pallavi