On awards (Thanks, Pix)

I am very much like Aamir Khan..I do not accept awards. The reason: Because I do not receive any. Ha ha ha.

And just when I was beginning to lose all hope of ever being able to reject an award, dear Pixie sent me these. Thank you, Pixie, for the awards… these are my very first awards since I started blogging a year ago. I very much appreciate it.

I would like to award the nice shiny silver cup to Ozzy, Shubha, Moggies, Roopa, Yuva, Ratna, Supriya, Shail, Pavithra.

The ‘Blogger for Peace’ is formally awarded to RituCastelgard, Unchaahi and Ganga.

15 replies on “On awards (Thanks, Pix)”

wow…thanks a lot Pallavi thatz an honor..i think i need to write more often due this 🙂

Congrats on ur award

Definitely…a treat from u!

Thanks very much, buddy!! Btw, what is your real name?

Most welcome, and yes, looking forward to more of your writing.

Hey Congratulations Pall and thanks for the award too 🙂

I’d like to thank my mother, my father, my husband, my collagues, my neighbour’s irritating dog which keeps me up at nghts, my boss, my bai, my bai’s daughter…..

Hey Pallavi, congrats and thank you! I suppose I would give awards to all the folks I’ve blog-rolled and you are the latest addition in my list of fave reads 🙂 I simply love your writing and am feeling great that you think mine is nice too 🙂 Thank you!

That was hilarious!! Except that you forgot to thank your keyboard ;-)))

Thanks and congrats to you too. Your words of appreciation are more precious than the award itself.

Howzzat for a speech? LOL!

No no, I really really meant it :-))) For, whats a blog without readers! Sigh…signing off before I get senti.

Hi , the enter key took its turn before I could finish my thanking session…

I thankyou for this award…. I am actually screaming so loud , neighbours are worried if I do this everynight….

keep writing pallavi… it is a delight to read.

Dear Pallavi
What a lovely New Year gift to reciev….thank you so very, very much and wishing you a wonderful, blessed 2009
warm regards

Most welcome, you completely deserve this for the mouth-watering recipies you post.

Thank you so much. I totally and completely admire your writing. Especially the one on the ‘Art of having a crush’.

Happy ’09.

Congratulations! Your writing deserves that and much more. I love the way you hit the nail on the head all the time in your writing. And you are prolific. And thanks a lot Pallavi for sharing it with me :).

Pal: Oh, thank you Roopa. Considering how much I admire your writing, this is one compliment I’m going to treasure!! Thanks!!

Oh Wow, I almost missed this one…
Congrats Pal…And Thank You for conferring the Shiny Trophy on us too…..If you feel the earth rumble a bit when you read this comment, you should know that its just us Moggies are purring in our corner of the world

Pal: Thanks, Rekz. And congrats to you too. Rumble on!!

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