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On people and their bias against India

Just posted this comment here, on the book review of Muslim Portraits: Everyday Lives in India.

I am so fed up of reading about India being UNFAIR to its minorities. Have you ever heard of another country in the world where the minorities and castes categorised as ‘backward’ command a bulk of the reservations in fields like education ?

If India were such a frightening place to live in, the Muslims would have all fled to Pakistan and Bangladesh by now.

We grew up in a neighbourhood where there was a Church, a Mosque and a Temple, all within 5 minutes of each other. And I’ve never seen a problem in the last 30 years!! This isn’t to say that the whole of India is that way. I am sure however, that those who crib and grumble and complain about racism in India, know fully well, that they are most at home here, than in any other Muslim country.

So please, stop inciting/encouraging anti-Hindu and anti-India sentiments.

Let’s work towards fostering peace and love, and not anger and hatred.

To add to the above, only in India, do we have a National Holiday for Christmas and Bakri Id. Do Pakistan or USA have a Bank Holiday for Deepavali ?? What is wrong with the people who claim to be advocating the cause of the minorities? Are they trying to be bullies? Or cry-babies??

Time to ponder.

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Thanks, Ritu. India has become a country where Hindus (especially so-called forward caste) have to think a hundred times before saying something that comes from our heart. Its always a question of ‘what if’ someone else gets offended. I would infact say that its the Hindus who are being oppressed. I recall the time I was looking for college admission. The Christian colleges were completely biased towards people of their faith. The Hindu colleges had 79% reservation for the ‘minorities’ and in the remaining 30%, there were the people with ‘recommendation’ and ‘money’, and the rare ones with 99% marks. Its a shame, really.

very nice post… thoughtful.
I agree with what you’ve written.
it’s actually the so-called “Majority” Caste people who have become the minorities…!

On a totally different note, is it alright if I go ahead and blogroll you? 🙂
and, Merry Christmas! 🙂

Thanks, Pixie! I feel a wee bit stronger myself now, knowing there are others like me! And as for blogrolling…that would be an honour!!

Good post, K and I keep discussing the same issue. There are places in india, where these minorities are treated badly though, however funnily enough nothing is done to help them.
I know people who converted just to get the “backward” tag associated with their situation, so they can get into bigger colleges…!!!

I think someone sane has to come in and revamp the system.. and minorities tag has to be lifted .!

Very true, Anu. However, I don’t think the ‘minorities’ tag will ever go, as its a political votebank ! A Catch-22 situation we have here…with no solution in sight. To top it all, people keep inciting and encouraging communal clashes.

You know what I think? Every nation has to undergo a process of religious evolution and India is just about shaking into place. In India’s defence, we are a young nation – not even a hundred years old. And we started out with a very very liberal frame work for governance. Of course, there are going to be instances of trouble. It is going to take all of us time to come to shake down into a situation of order and easy co-existence. But We will eventually find a comfortable state of co-existence.
It is very easy for people in the countries of the West to point fingers at India and accuse us of religious intolerance and persecution. But they need to look to their own pasts when as Nations they engaged in bloody purges and massacres in the name of sects within religion. All said and done, I do not think India has ever had an instance like St. Bartholomew’s Massacre [aargh, my spelling!!!], an agency like the Inquisition, a group like the Klan or a Hitler like leader. I think those who are ready to blame India and Indians need to thumb through their history books first. And even look within themselves to see how free they are as individuals of intolerance. It is a fact that intolerance is scourage that afflicts the whole world and not just one Nation called India.
They need to realise and appreciate the fact that all said and done, India does not have a single state religion, having chosen to recognise all the religions that thrive within its framework. Most other nations still have state religions!!!. England will still not have a non protestant queen, will it?
It is always easy to blame and criticise the issues that arise within a more liberal frame work, especially one sits behind the comfort of a more rigid set up.
As for India, change has to happen at the micro level. Each of us need to shed our intolerances and prejudices and learn to embrace the differences of others. Like the saying goes, many drops make a mighty ocean.
🙂 🙂

That was brilliantly written. How true – world histpry does prove that every country has had its share of religio-problems. And India is being scrutinized and slandered for being ‘intolerant’. Thanks for writing what you wrote 🙂

Anytime Pallavi..
I wrote what I did because I empathised greatly with your feeling….
The blame game and India bashing is something which irks me tremendously…When it comes to issues like intolerance, religion driven violence & persecution, racial prejudices, etc, there is no single race or country which can claim to be innocent and therefore, eligible to cast the first stone..
We in India have a lot to be proud of and I for one am proud to be an Indian. I just prefer to focus on the positive and on what we as individuals can do, rather than rave and rant about all that is wrong but not act!!!

I have a difference of opinion here Pal.True we have all existed togther for years…I mean in our appartment’s we live ,co-exist and have fun.
But tell how many our acquaintainces actaull rent their houses to minorities….
I really get irriated when people tell me that I will not rent him my house as he is not Br@@@$,I cant let out the house as he is M@@@@@ or a C@@@@@@@,we have minoties tell us that we will not come and eat in their house as we are I####.How can one assume these things?I mean India is an amazing culture as people from different languages and cultures co exist.If we look at Usa or Russia people have forced upon common cultures and lanaguages.India is only country where langauages are never imposed ( yes each states compels its student to learn the local langauage,but then we can celebrate our festivals in peace).In Usa or singapore in case on needs to burst crackers for Diwali you need take permission.
Now considering all this it only natural when minorities are used to this freedom in India ;suddenly they find themselves being taken away from this ,they r bound to revolt.So elements like R Thackrey and N Modi should not be kept away


Thanks, for bringing up that. At a school reunion (for which only 5 gals turned up), one was a Muslim, who said she was asked to pay extra rent, just because the landlord doesn’t normally let out the apartment to people of their religion. I was rather taken aback.

But as I said, people fully know that all said and done, they are much safer in India, and can lead a more dignified life here, than in any so-called Muslim country. So why not be happy with what one has, rather than try to GRAB more and more for onesself? I guess that’s just human nature.

The very fact that the self-proclaimed-champions-of-minorities make aggressive and/or unreasonable demands proves how liberal our country India is!

Again, the minorities are welcome to leave to a country of their choice, right? That they choose to remain in India does say something.

I will definitely second you, in that elements like Raj Thackeray should be kept away. Infact they should be sent off to the terror camps abroad. Probably, the terrorists will hand themselves in to the police, to escape from these sickos!

So, what do you think?

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