Book review

On people and their bias against India

Just posted this comment here, on the book review of Muslim Portraits: Everyday Lives in India.

I am so fed up of reading about India being UNFAIR to its minorities. Have you ever heard of another country in the world where the minorities and castes categorised as ‘backward’ command a bulk of the reservations in fields like education ?

If India were such a frightening place to live in, the Muslims would have all fled to Pakistan and Bangladesh by now.

We grew up in a neighbourhood where there was a Church, a Mosque and a Temple, all within 5 minutes of each other. And I’ve never seen a problem in the last 30 years!! This isn’t to say that the whole of India is that way. I am sure however, that those who crib and grumble and complain about racism in India, know fully well, that they are most at home here, than in any other Muslim country.

So please, stop inciting/encouraging anti-Hindu and anti-India sentiments.

Let’s work towards fostering peace and love, and not anger and hatred.

To add to the above, only in India, do we have a National Holiday for Christmas and Bakri Id. Do Pakistan or USA have a Bank Holiday for Deepavali ?? What is wrong with the people who claim to be advocating the cause of the minorities? Are they trying to be bullies? Or cry-babies??

Time to ponder.